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Blackstar HT Pedals

Introducing HT Pedals

The HT Range of award-winning valve overdrive pedals feature true high voltage (300V) circuitry and are packed with innovations and tone. The revolutionary, patented tone shaping ISF (Infinite Shape Feature) will redefine your tonal expectations.

Add to this the no-compromise speaker emulated output and you have the most cost effective way of getting real valve tones direct to disk or tape.

So whether you're playing live or recording, with the HT Range of pedals you can finally get 'the sound in your head'.

HT Pedals Awards

Products In The Range

300V Circuitry

HT Pedals 300V Circuitry

True High Voltage

Operating on the same 300V DC anode supply voltage (H.T. voltage) typically used in a traditional valve amplifier design, these pedals have the compression and distortion characteristics associated with a true valve design.

ISF (Infinite Shape Feature)

HT Pedals ISF

The Sound In Your Head

This fully interactive control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings.

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Emulated Output

HT Pedals Emulated Output

Perfect Direct Recording

Our speaker emulated output moves the technology to the next level and sets a new benchmark for pro direct recording sounds. All the pedals except the HT-BOOST have a fully specified Blackstar designed speaker emulated output.


HT Pedals Innovation

Blackstar Leads The Way

From the wide output voltage swing of the HT-BOOST to the unique 'Class A' tone control that doesn't dampen your tone, this series of pedals is loaded with innovations and features.