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We know how important it is for your gear to work first time, every time. If your Blackstar doesn’t – we’re here to help. That’s why we have an extensive network of official service centres in every country Blackstar is sold.

To find your nearest Blackstar service centre, please contact your local distributor via this link

Many common questions can be answered in our FAQs below, but if you would like further assistance please contact us on

Frequently Asked Questions

Our FAQ section is a fast and easy way to search for answers to common questions relating to all Blackstar products. If you’re unable to find the answer to your question here you can contact the Blackstar Customer Support Team in your area using the ‘Support Locator’ below.

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I have a problem with my amp / pedal, what do I do?

We're sorry if you experience a problem with your Blackstar amp / pedal. If you are based in the UK, please contact the authorised Blackstar dealer you purchased the product from to get your product serviced/repaired as soon as possible.

If you are a customer from outside of the UK, please contact your point of purchase in the first instance. If you need further advice then please contact your local distributor so your amp can be serviced by one of their authorised technicians. Contact details for all Blackstar distributors can be found here.

What is the warranty on Blackstar products?

In the UK there is a 1 year standard warranty on all Blackstar products. There is also an extended 3 year warranty available from the date of purchase. Simply register for the extended warranty online or fill in the warranty card that is packed with each product. Click here to register for the UK warranty. Please be aware that the warranty on valves and fuses is 90 days from the date of purchase. Full details of the extended warranty available in the UK can be found on the above link.

If you are a customer from outside the UK, then contact your local distributor for details of the warranty. A full list of Blackstar distributors can be found here.

What is "DPR"?

Dynamic Power Reduction (DPR) is a patented feature only available on Blackstar products. 

It is well known that valve amplifiers sound best when they are turned up loud. This is because at higher volume levels the output valves introduce musical distortion and compression which are a vital part of the valve amplifier experience. 

Blackstar's patented DPR feature controls the output power level by dynamically adjusting the output stage voltages, allowing power valve distortion and compression at any volume level.

Benefits of the DPR control:

1. DPR allows continuously variable power reduction, down to 10%, so you can use your valve amp in any playing situation.
2. DPR is a ‘dynamic’ circuit, delivering the exact compression (a.k.a. sag) of a small overdriven valve amp, at any volume level.
3. Unlike power attenuators, DPR places nothing between the output of the amplifier and the loudspeaker and hence as the power is reduced the feel, tone and reliability of the amplifier is maintained.
4. DPR’s dynamic power reduction is only available on Blackstar products.

DPR control explained -

What is "ISF"?

The Infinite Shape Feature (ISF) is a patented feature only available on Blackstar products.

The conventional three way guitar EQ network, or tone stack (a.k.a. Bass, Middle and Treble), is a key to the characteristic 'voice' of traditional guitar amplifiers. Classic amplifier designs have their own versions of this network which leads to their own tonal voicings.

The ISF control allows you to infinitely adjust the response of the tone control network between any of the traditional voicings in a way that has never before been possible. In this way you can design your own sound and truly find 'the sound in your head'.

Benefits of the ISF control:

1. ISF is a passive circuit giving a musical response that is not found in active parametric or 'contour' controls.
2. The whole tone stack response (i.e. Bass, Middle and Treble) is moved.
3. The tone controls remain fully interactive, just like in a regular tone stack.
4. The ISF control is continuously variable between all the traditional responses allowing you to effectively design your own sound.
5. ISF and 'the sound in your head' are only available on Blackstar products.

ISF control explained -

Where can I get spare parts and accessories for my Blackstar amp?

If you are based in the UK then you can order them from your local dealer. Contact details for all UK Blackstar dealers can be found here. Alternatively you can order them directly from Blackstar via our online web store here

If you are a customer from outside the UK, please contact your local distributor with regard to spare parts and accessories. A list of Blackstar distributors can be found here.

I'm in a band looking for endorsement. Who do I contact?

If you are seeking endorsement from Blackstar please fill out our online form and the information will be passed onto our Artist Liaison department for review.

Our Artist Endorsement page can be found here.

Where can I find a Blackstar dealer / distributor?

Blackstar products are available around the world. If you are in the UK you can find your nearest UK Dealer here

If you are in the US you can find a list of your nearest US Dealers here

For customers outside of the UK and the US a list of our Distributors can also be found here

Can I get a schematic for my Blackstar amp?

For safety legislation reasons, we only provide schematics to authorised Blackstar Service Centres and technicians.

If you are in the UK you are able to search our list of Authorised UK Service Centres. You are able to find them here

What are Resonance and Presence?

Presence and Resonance controls affect the bass and treble response of the power amplifier. They are "master controls" which means they affect all channels of the amplifier and can be used to globally tweak the overall tone of the amplifier and are especially useful for matching the overall tone of your amplifier to the room in which you are performing.

Resonance affects the lower frequency range, Presence the higher frequency range. These controls differ to the regular Bass and Treble controls which boost or cut frequencies, as they rely on phase cancellation and other electrical factors allowing the operator to voice the signal to a specific characteristic making the speaker sound tight or loose, warm or bright. Due to the way these controls work it is more noticeable at higher volume and is often perceived as having little effect at lower volume levels.

What are the customer support hours?

In the UK our customer support line is open Mon-Fri between 8am-5pm. These times will vary if you are contacting us from outside the UK. Blackstar HQ: +44 (0)1604 817817

If you are a customer from outside of the UK, please contact your local distributor. A list of distributors can be found here or on our Customer Support area by searching for your country.

Can I use my Blackstar amp without a speaker cab connected when I'm using the emulated output?
We would normally recommend keeping a speaker cab or equivalent dummy load connected to your amp when using the emulated output. If the amp is used without a speaker cab or dummy load connected there is a possibility of damaging your amp.

Some of our amps are designed for use without a speaker load when using the emulated output for silent recording. When used in this configuration, the amp should be in standby and there should be no loudspeaker leads connected to either of the loudspeaker output jack sockets of the amplifier. Please refer to the handbook for more details.

The amps in the Blackstar range that can be used without a speaker cab connected when the emulated output is used in the way described above include:

- HT-5 range
- HT Venue range
- Series One range
- ID: Series
What are the prices of Blackstar amps?
If you are a customer based in the UK, please contact your local dealer in regards to prices of our amps. You can find your nearest dealer here

If you are a customer outside of the UK, please contact your local distributor to find out the price of our amplifiers. A list of distributors can be found here
Can I modify my Blackstar amp?
For safety and approvals reasons there are no user serviceable parts in Blackstar amplifiers and this also means we do not recommend any modifications to our products. Be aware that any modifications will void your warranty and servicing should only be carried out by a qualified Blackstar technician.
Why is there no sound from my amp?
Although there may be a fault with your amp it is worthwhile eliminating any other possible causes first. Therefore, we always recommend you do the following:
  • Ensure your amplifier is connected to the mains supply correctly and a speaker load of the correct impedance is connected.
  • Make sure your amplifier is not in standby mode. All Blackstar amplifiers, apart from the Artisan series, need a guitar lead in the input jack to activate the power section. This means that the amplifier will be muted until you have a lead in the input jack.
  • Remove any FX/distortion pedals from the signal chain, both from the input jack or the FX loop. Plug the guitar directly into your amp.
  • If the guitar has active pickups check the battery is not ‘dead’.
  • If you have another amp, try the guitar and guitar lead into this amp to check the guitar and lead are functioning correctly.
  • If there is no sound from your amp and you do not have another amp available, try another guitar lead.
  • If there's still no sound, contact the store you purchased your amp from for details on how to return the amp for repair.
*Note: Please always supply as much information as you can about the fault (E.g. how and when it occurs, the type of guitar, any pedals you use with the amp) as this will help with the diagnosis of the problem and speed up the repair time.
How do I connect my amp to a speaker safely?
Remember, valve amplifiers should not be used without a speaker load connected as this can damage your amplifier.

When connecting your amp head to an external speaker always use a good quality speaker lead. Never use a regular guitar lead as you risk damaging your amplifier.

When connecting your valve amp either in a head / cab configuration or a combo and its internal speaker it is important to make sure the impedance is correctly matched and the speakers are rated for a suitable power output or you risk damaging your amplifier or speaker.

For more information regarding power handling and impedance please refer to our other FAQ titled "WHAT SPEAKER CABINET SHOULD I USE WITH MY AMPLIFIER?"
Why is there excessive noise/buzzing/interference?
To minimise noise and interference always ensure you use a good quality screened guitar lead.

Like all electrical appliances, electric guitars need to be ‘grounded’ or ‘earthed’. This is normally done using a ‘ground’ wire from one of the guitar potentiometers to the bridge of the guitar. If this wire is not connected you will experience excessive noise. A good way to check this is to mute the strings with your hand. If the noise stops, or gets a lot quieter, then the problem may be the guitar ‘ground’.

If you believe the ground wire may be the issue, we recommend you refer to the manufacturer of your guitar or a qualified technician for advice.

Outside interference

In rare occurrences there may be ‘noise’ on the incoming mains supply. Try the amp in different mains sockets and different rooms in your house to check for this issue.

At music venues you may experience the same incoming mains ‘noise’ issue, plus possible interference from lighting rigs and other equipment in that building.

If you experience the problem in one building but not in another, then the issue is most likely with the building and not the amp.

Sometimes mobile phones and other transmitting devices can cause a buzzing noise. In this case remove the offending device from proximity with the amplifier.

If after checking all these possibilities you still have the issue, contact the store you purchased your amp from for details on how to return the amp for repair.

*Note: Please always supply as much information as you can about the fault (e.g. how and when it occurs, the type of guitar, any pedals you use with the amp) as this will help with the diagnosis of the problem and speed up the repair time.
How do I know when I need to replace the valves?
Preamp and power amp valves will degrade or fail over time. Although valves are tested to be as reliable as possible, unfortunately they can sometimes fail without warning, no matter what their age.

To minimise this we always recommend that you take care when moving or transporting your valve amplifier, and use your standby switch to allow the valves to reach their correct operating temperature and voltage before use. (Refer to your products handbook for more information).

Should there be a problem, there are various symptoms that both preamp and power amp valves can exhibit which will indicate they need replacing. The following is a general list of things to look out for, but is not exhaustive. If in doubt, always refer to a qualified technician.

Excessive noise or high pitched squealing. This might indicate that one or more of your preamp valves is damaged or has become microphonic and needs replacing.

Loss of gain in a high gain amp. This might indicate that one or more of your preamp valves is damaged or reaching the end of its life and will need replacing.

Loss of overall output volume on all channels. This is normally associated with the output valves and they may need replacing.*

The amp is blowing mains fuses. This can be the symptom of an output valve issue and may indicate that they need replacing.*

The amp is blowing HT fuses. This can be the symptom of an output valve issue and may indicate that they need replacing.*

*Please Note – All fixed bias amps will need biasing by a qualified technician when the output valves are changed.

*IMPORTANT NOTE: All work carried out on your Blackstar amplifier must be done by a qualified technician. There are no user serviceable parts in Blackstar amplifiers.
What speaker cabinet should I use with my amplifier?

You should always use a speaker cabinet that is of the correct impedance and has a higher power rating than your amplifier, or you risk damaging the amplifier and the speaker cabinet.

As valve amps can produce peaks in their power output that exceed their power rating, we recommend that the speaker cabinet must be able to handle a higher output power than the rating of the amplifier. Ideally the speakers should be rated at least one and a half times higher than the amp output.

Some examples would be:

30 Watt amplifier – 45 Watt speaker power handling.

100 Watt amplifier – 150 Watt speaker power handling.

Using speakers safely with Series One's DPR control

The design of Blackstar's DPR circuit means that the amplifier can produce peaks and transients up to and exceeding the maximum output power rating of the amplifier, even with DPR set to minimum (10%). This is because DPR lets you retain all the tone and dynamics of your ‘full volume’ sound at lower performance levels. Therefore, you should always use a speaker cabinet that has a power rating greater than the amplifier’s maximum power rating, not according to the DPR setting.

Using speakers safely with the ID:Series

The ID:Series amplifiers use a solid-state power section with Blackstar's patent-applied for TVP (True Valve Power) feature. Due to this unique design, all amps with TVP should always be treated in the same way as a valve amplifier of the same power output. Therefore, you need to match your speaker cabinets accordingly.

It is worth noting that ID:Series amplifiers only deliver their full power output when used with a 4 Ohm cabinet. They will deliver less power if used with a cabinet 8-16 Ohm cabinet.

Using multiple speakers and cabinets

When using more than one speaker or speaker cabinet at the same time it is important that the impedance matches correctly.

We recommend that you use cabinets of the same impedance when used together as different impedances can cause a mismatch which can damage your amplifier.

Attached are a few example diagrams showing multiple speakers being used in parallel.

Download Blackstar Impedance Diagrams
Do I need to backup my patches before upgrading INSIDER?
Before upgrading any amplifier we suggest you always back up your patches from your amplifier memory to your local INSIDER patch library, stored on your computer’s hard drive. This is achieved by connecting your amplifier to INSIDER via USB and right-clicking your amplifier patch within the INSIDER workspace and selecting ‘IMPORT PATCH TO LIBRARY’. You can back up all patches in one action by multi-selecting all patches: left-click the first patch, then hold the SHIFT key on your keyboard whilst left-clicking the last patch.
Do I need to have an ID:Series / ID:Core amp to use Blackstar INSIDER?
INSIDER is an editing interface for ID:Series / ID:Core amplifiers and doesn't generate any sound on its own. As such, whilst you can download and install the software, play with the controls and use the Audio section, you won't be able to hear the tones you've created until you connect your amp.
Do I need to have my amp connected to use Blackstar INSIDER?
INSIDER is not an amplifier or 'sound generator' – it is a Graphical User Interface for the ID:Series / ID:Core range of amps. As such, whilst you don't have to connect an amp to use INSIDER, you won't be able to hear the tones you've created until you connect your ID:Series / ID:Core amp. You can however create and store patches, and sync them to your amp later to hear what they sound like.
How do I download a new patch and get it into Blackstar INSIDER?
To access any of the patches from the online community, simply create an account and get started! When you see a patch you like, open the patch page and click on the download button to download it to your computer. Simply copy the file over to your Saved Patches folder and it will appear in INSIDER. You'll find your saved patches folder at:

- WINDOWS XP®: My Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
- WINDOWS VISTA/7/8®: 'Your Username'/Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
- MAC OS X®: /Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
I downloaded some patches from the online community but they don't show up in the INSIDER software. How do I open those files?
INSIDER needs to know where to 'look' for your downloaded patches. You should save the downloaded files using the save path shown below and they will then automatically appear in INSIDER.

WINDOWS XP®: My Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
WINDOWS VISTA/7/8®: 'Your Username'/Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
MAC OS X®: /Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
How can I install Blackstar's INSIDER software on my Mac running OS X Mountain Lion or later?
The new Apple® Mac® OS X® 10.8 Mountain Lion and subsequent releases contains a security feature called GateKeeper. GateKeeper prevents the installation of malware by allowing the user to select the types of software that can be installed. To set your Mac® running OS X® 10.8 Mountain Lion or later release to allow the Blackstar INSIDER software to install, please follow the steps below. 

1) Go to System Preferences in the Apple Menu. 

2) Click on the Security & Privacy preference pane in the Personal section. 

3) In the Security & Privacy preference pane, click on the padlock icon. 

4) Enter your username and password to unlock and change settings. 

5) Click the radio button next to Anywhere. 

6) When you see the following dialog window, select Allow From Anywhere. 

7) You can now install the Blackstar INSIDER software. Once installed, you can reset GateKeeper to your preferred settings by selecting the related radio button in this same window and locking the padlock to prevent further changes to this setting.
I've got a new computer, how do I get Blackstar INSIDER onto it?
You can install INSIDER on your new computer by downloading it from our website. If you want to store all your patches on the new computer, you'll need to copy the files across manually – they won't be stored with the new software. You'll find your presets at:

- WINDOWS XP®: My Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
- WINDOWS VISTA/7/8®: 'Your Username'/Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
- MAC OS X®: /Documents/Blackstar/Saved Patches
Can I have Blackstar INSIDER on more than one computer?
Yes, you can install the Blackstar INSIDER software on more than one computer.
How do I uninstall Blackstar INSIDER?
The process to uninstall Blackstar INSIDER is different per operating system:

When I open Blackstar INSIDER, a box pops up telling me there is a firmware update, what is this and do I need to do it?
As technology evolves and our R&D continues, from time to time we'll make changes and improvements to the functionality and tonal performance of the ID:Series. Installing these updates will make sure your amp is always performing at its best. They're not compulsory – but we highly recommend you install each update as soon as it becomes available so you don't get left behind!
Why are the effects pedals displayed right-to-left, when the INSIDER amp panel has them left-to-right?
The pedals are ordered just like they were real pedals at your feet. As most pedals have their input on the right and output on the left, that's how we've set them up.
How do you use the Audio section?

You can use the Audio section to jam along to your favourite MP3 and WMA tracks. Simply click on the 'Import' icon and select the track you want from your computer's music library, then double-click on a cassette to 'load' it into the player.

Full instructions for using the phrase trainer (including setting 'in' and 'out' points) are included in the Blackstar INSIDER handbook.

How do I use the tuner in Blackstar INSIDER?
It couldn't be easier. Just head to the Tuner screen and play a note – the fully chromatic tuner will automatically recognise the nearest 'in tune' note and guide you to it.
How do I rename a patch?
First, double-click to load the patch with its current name. Then click the 'save' icon – you can rename the patch and enter any other details you want.
How can I change the patch information for the patches on my amp?
You can edit the information for all patches directly in INSIDER. Patches can also be shared, uploaded and downloaded via the online community. The online community is accessed via the 'community' tab in the INSIDER software.
I've changed the settings on Blackstar INSIDER but it hasn't changed the settings on my amp, why?
To prevent accidental changes to your tones, you'll need to remember to sync INSIDER to your amp to save your new patches. Just right-click on a patch within the library to bring up the sync option.

When your amp is connected to INSIDER, you can change the sound in real time both by adjusting your amp's controls, or changing the settings in INSIDER. When you change your sound by adjusting the controls in INSIDER you'll notice that the control is highlighted red. This is to remind you that the sound you're hearing does not reflect the actual position of the controls on your amp.
Can I change the order of the effects via Blackstar INSIDER?
Currently it's not possible to change the order of the effects pedals. The Blackstar team of engineers and players have spent many hours fine-tuning the effects and we've ordered them in a 'traditional' layout to deliver the very best sonic performance..
Do I have to open an account to use the INSIDER Community?
Yes you do. Setting up an account is quick, simple and free – and once you're set, you'll have access to patches created by players all over the world, as well as the ability to share your own patches for all to hear.
Why won't the INSIDER software launch on my computer?
If you experience any problems launching Blackstar INSIDER on your Windows-based computer, open 'Programs and Features' from the 'Control Panel' menu and ensure only one instance of Blackstar INSIDER is present. If more than one instance is shown, click to remove any versions of 'Blackstar INSIDER Interface'. It is not necessary to re-install the INSIDER software after following these steps.
INSIDER is telling me that Flash Player is not installed, but I think it is; what do I need to do in order to download patches from the Online Community?
INSIDER needs Flash Player installed to support the downloading of patches but, importantly, it requires Flash to be installed via the native web browser, i.e. Internet Explorer on PC or Safari on Mac. To resolve this message, simply launch the appropriate web browser and install the latest Adobe Flash Player from there.
Why are my user patches erased when I turn my ID:Series amplifier off?
Your amplifier is still in 'Demo mode'. To keep your saved patches when your amp is switched off you'll need to set your amp to Normal mode as follows:

With the amplifier off, hold down the Manual button, power on the amplifier keeping the Manual button pressed until the Bank button has stopped changing colour.
I have just updated my ID:Series amp and I am getting no sound and the 'TAP' LED is flashing.
This means that the upgrade has not been successful. To solve this, plug your amp into the same computer that the upgrade failed on. Ensure your amplifier is turned on and run the most up to date version of INSIDER software. This will upgrade your amp.
How do I access all 128 patches on ID:Series?
You can access all 128 patches via the INSIDER software, the FS-10 footcontroller or MIDI.
TVP is amazing, so why can I turn it off?
While we do recommend TVP is used in most cases, we have included the option to disable it to provide you with the maximum number of tonal options.
Can you use the TVP stage of the amp to get power amp type compression and breakup?
Yes, you can. Just like on a traditional valve amp, higher channel volume settings will deliver increased compression in conjunction with the characteristics of the valve type selected with the TVP control.
Where are the effects in the signal chain?
For the best sonic performance, the on-board effects are placed after the TVP section of the amplifier.
Can I use the emulated output as a headphone output?
On the ID:15 and ID:30 the emulated output also doubles as a headphone output.

On the ID:60TVP, ID:60TVP-H, ID:260TVP and the ID:100TVP the emulated out is a line level output and not designed to power headphones. You can however use headphones via the emulated out without causing any damage, but better performance may be obtained by using a headphone amplifier or a mixer with a headphone output.
How do I set up my MIDI pedal to control the delay tap tempo?

You'll need to set the MIDI pedal to a latching setting. If it is non-latching then the midi signal will trigger when you press the foot switch and again when you release it, producing an incorrect tap time. You should find instructions for this in your MIDI pedal handbook.

Is the tuner chromatic on my ID:Series amp?
Yes, the built-in tuner is chromatic in INSIDER and as displayed on the optional FS-10 footcontroller. On the front panel of the amp it is fixed to the standard E-A-D-G-B-E notes. See the full ID:Series handbook for more information.
Is the Line Input stereo on my ID:Series amp?
No, the Line Input is mono, but it will accept both mono and stereo signals. Stereo signals will be summed into mono.
How can I switch from delay tap time to mod tap time on the FS-10 footcontroller?
Hold down button 2 on the FS-10 to access the delay tap time (notice that the main LED is off) and then hold down button 3. For more information see the FS-10 handbook.
Can I use the emulated output as a headphone output?

Yes, the emulated output on an ID:Core amp also doubles as a headphone output

How do I access the in-built tuner on my ID:Core amp?

The guitar tuner is accessed via the front panel by holding down the MANUAL and TAP buttons simultaneously for 2 seconds. The tuner can also be accessed by clicking the TUNER heading within the INSIDER software with your ID:Core amp connected to your computer via USB. See the full ID:Core handbook for more information.

How do I silently record my amp sound?

There are two simple ways to record the stereo sound of your ID:Core amplifier; via the Emulated Output or via USB.

To record via the Emulated Output, connect a stereo 3.5mm jack cable from the jack socket on the front panel of your ID:Core amp to a mixing desk or audio interface and record the analogue stereo signal directly. The internal speakers of your amp will automatically mute when a cable is plugged into the Emulated Output jack socket.

To record via USB connect your ID:Core amp to your computer using a mini USB cable, and launch your chosen DAW software. Next, select the recording input as your amplifier, set your monitoring source as required and hit record! To mute the live sound from your amp’s speakers, launch the Blackstar INSIDER software and open the Global Settings window. The amp muting can be controlled via the SPEAKER MUTE option. See the full INSIDER handbook for more information.

The output level of both recording signals is controlled via the amp’s VOLUME knob. Further information on recording using your ID:Series or ID:Core amp can be found on the Blackstar YouTube channel.

I’m trying to use a preamp pedal through my Blackstar’s power section? Why is there no sound?

To ensure the safe operation of our amplifiers and the longevity of the components inside, the majority of our products are designed with an internal standby via the input jack. When using the amplifier as a power section via the Effects Loop Return, the input jack will generally not be in use, causing the amplifier to be in standby and result in no output through the speakers. To resolve this, place a jack in the input. Ideally, this should be a shorting jack – however a regular instrument cable will suffice. In this instance, set the channel volume to ‘0’ to avoid any interference from the loose instrument cable. You can then control the volume from the amplifier’s Master Volume, or the volume control of the connect preamp.

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