Tim Elsenburg - Sweet Billy Pilgrim

About Tim Elsenburg

Sweet Billy Pilgrim are an English genre spanning band, composed of bassist/banjo player Anthony Bishop, guitarist and singer Jana Carpenter, singer, guitarist and singer Tim Elsenburg, and drummer/percussionist Alistair Hamer. Often described as Rock, Folk Rock, Folktronica, Americana, Alternative, Art Rock, Electronica, Pop or Prog, they describe their sound as "Thrash Pastel".

I've owned all the classic amps over the years, and I've never found something as consistently inspiring as the Blackstar. Our music is pretty eclectic, so to find one amp (that I can actually carry !) that moves so easily between sparkling clean tones, gritty blues rumble and high gain mayhem is an absolute godsend. No more multi-amp setups ! My HT Stage 60 has everything.