Jack - 3 Dudes

About Jack

The 3 Dudes, a young power pop band from Charleston, SC are one of those rarities, those unexpected acts in music that rock in a way rarely seen EVER.

The Ploch brothers consist of twins, Roger and Jack, and Sam, whom they call the spare. Together they have found the gift of music to share between them, and are running wild with it. All are singers and writers who fully contribute to their creations. Roger is the groups’ dynamic drummer, a player who reminds audiences at once of John Bonham or Phil Rudd. Jack is the guitar player, his playing complete with dive bombs, harmonics, and other fretboard frenetics that would make Eddie Van Halen proud. Sam holds down the bottom, a very accomplished bassist that serves as the bands ring leader and primary vocalist onstage. He is capable of playing tunes thought to be available only to players like Sting and Flea.

The ID:100TVP is the coolest amps ever. It's like a thousand amps in one.