Bill Reynolds - Band of Horses

About Bill Reynolds

Bill Reynolds is an American Grammy-nominated producer, engineer, mixer and musician, and is also the bass player for the band Band of Horses.

Reynolds co-founded the band The Blue Rags, with whom he toured for five years and recorded two full-length albums for Sub Pop Records. He then built a recording studio in Asheville where he made records for seven years, and continued to tour with various bands including Drugmoney and Donna the Buffalo. Reynolds joined Band of Horses in 2007, and by 2010 the band was nominated for the Grammy award for Best Alternative Album. Reynolds contributed production, engineering, bass, and a co-write for the song "Life on Earth" which was included on the Twilight: Breaking Dawn Soundtrack. Reynolds is currently based in Nashville and works from Jay Joyce's former studio.

The S1-200 sounds tough as nails onstage. It's my secret weapon.