Alessandro Tuvo - Shake Well Before

About Alessandro Tuvo

Shake Well Before is a Metalcore/Hardcore band from Italy. The project started in 2008 with different band members and a different music style. After being recording 3 demos and a few line-up changes the band changed their style as well and had a rebirth with vocalist Silvio Musso, drummer Stefano Zappia, guitarists Alessandro Tuvo and Francesco Martini and bassist Simone Donato.

On October 2011 the band released a teaser of “Watching Jersey Shore” on youtube. The song was recorded by Marco Mantovani (Hopes Die Last) and displays the definitive change of the band. The first EP called "Goliath" was recorded at the Fusix Studio by Andrea Fusini, well-known to the Italian music scene and released on March 2012. "Insomnia" was the first single taken of the EP with a video directed by Andrea Larosa on youtube. On December 2012 the band released a Lyrics Video to the song “Southern Red” as a pre-taste of how the full length album is going to sound like.

I totally fell in love with the Series One 1046L6. This amp is ridiculous! It's loud, clear, versatile and it always cuts through the mix. Whenever you're wondering which is the right sound to look for, this thing has the answer!