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Bill M
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Wed Jul 11, 2018 4:30 pm

I have a HT Club 40 combo
I’d like to get a Blackstar 1x12 extension cabinet that the amp sits on top of perfectly
Same size
Same footprint
Is there one?
I can’t seem to locate one
If anyone knows the model number I’d appreciate the help

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Tue Jul 17, 2018 1:54 am

I'm assuming your amp is the original HT Club 40, and not the Mark II, although maybe that wouldn't actually matter.

The HTV-112 extension cab is a 1x12 cab that is sized the same as the HT Club 40.

The dimensions of the HT Club 40 are given as 619mm (W) x 566mm (H) x 297mm (D). (To convert to inches divide all of these by 25.4.)

The dimensions of the HTV-112 are given as 619mm (W) x 536mm (H) x 294mm (D).

So the HT Club 40 can sit on top of the HTV-112 and will be the same width. The very slight difference in the depth dimensions is due (I think) to there being knobs on the amp, and not to any real cabinet depth difference.

To use both the HTV-112 and the internal speaker (both of which are individually 16 ohm), both of them should be plugged into the amp's pair of jacks labeled 1x8 or 2x6.

There are other extension cabs in the original HT Venue "family", including a 2x12 (HTV-212), and two 4x12 models (HTV-412A and B), but all of them have different width dimensions, I think. (If that matters to you.)

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