Opinions on Blackstar amps?

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Mon Mar 04, 2019 8:17 am

Hey guys, I see Blackstar is making several amps that are competitively priced with much of the smaller names in the amp business

Are they good quality?

I'm looking at getting a HT-5RH amplifier as its not too expensive and has plenty of features I would like like a good cab simulator output, headphone ot, their ISF control, and the two channels with a footswitch.

What are yalls thoughts?

Jack Russell
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Mon Oct 07, 2019 9:30 pm

Hi there, I bought my first Blackstar earlier this year, it is the HT-5r and i am very pleased with it was suprised by how loud it is for a 5w amp but i guess thats valves for you. The reverb is good in my appinion and the emulated out, send & return and mp3 options are very usefull, with the power switch on but Standby in the off position listening through headphones is awesome plus of course you can plug a backing track or drumtrack into the mp3 jack and play around for hours without upsetting anyone. My only bit of nitpicking is you have to turn the gain knob very low to get some blues crunch where it is just breaking up and if you turn it slightly too much one way or the other you'll lose it, i guess that is why the Mk2 has the 0.5w switch giving you more control over the gain level but at low volume. but i still think it is a great sounding amp and worth what i paid for it secondhand.

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