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I bought my Blackstar HT Club 40 a few months ago from a guitar store I shop at regularly. The first week I had my HT Club 40 it worked perfect and I was very happy with it. But then problems started coming up one after another.

First, for everyone that reads this, yes I’ve read the manual and I know all the things you are supposed to do and not do with the amp. I’ve always been very careful in handling and using the amp how you are supposed to according to Blackstar.

My first problem arose about a week after I had the amp and been messing around with settings and stuff, and sometimes after turning on the amp and playing, the volume was significantly lower. When this would happen, sometimes it would fix itself as if it had to warm up to its max volume, and other times it would stay low. Sometimes I could bypass this problem by letting my guitar sit for an extra couple minutes before turning off the stand by to play, but this wouldn’t always work.

Note - All of these problems ONLY happen on the clean channel. I haven’t had any problems at all with the overdrive channel.

My second problem is that when this problem happens where the volume is really low, the tone goes out the window. If I try to turn up the volume on the amp and play to the volume I need (which is loud when playing gigs or along with music) I’ll get a terrible crunch sound from the amp when playing chords, especially on the mid and low strings (which are how most chords in our songs are played). I’ve messed around with settings and nothing seems to help.

Lastly, I’ve found that when I play for 30-45 minutes and longer I’ll start to hear a low rumbling sound from the amp, and it’ll get louder and start popping a little, then it’ll get get softer but never go away.

I say this is urgent because I have a big fundraiser gig on January 21st and this is the only amp I have loud enough so I’m heard, especially when playing solos.

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