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Sun May 31, 2015 2:41 am

I purchased an HT 100 bout a year and a half ago. Love it. Sounds great. Had a problem, brought it to get fixed under warranty, no problem. Then I get a problem with no sound. Bring it in again, it works fine. Bring it home it works fine for a while. Then again no sound. Bring it in again. Works fine. I find out there is a feature where the mp won't turn on unless everything is plugged in. Fine. Bring it home works here and there. Sometimes i forget to plug in my guitar. It states that it should turn on once a guitar i plugged in. It does not do that. I've had it with this. I just want to plug in and play. I'm sick of thinking something is wrong then i take it to get fixed, only to find out it works. Yet when i bring it home i still have problems, even when everything is hooked up right. I always let the amp warm up as well. If i forget to plug my guitar in before i turn it on, then why after i turn it off then back on, is there still no sound. I'm beyond angry at this point!!!!!!

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Bizzarre. Have they explained to you what was wrong with the amp? I have an HT100 head that I used for a couple of years, and I've never had a problem with it. I use a different amp now, but held on to the HT head as a backup because it has been reliable. I unfortunately do not have any advice for you, other than to take it back to the tech. Good luck.

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So you've brought it to this tech at least three times and he hasn't fixed it...

Is he the one who told you that there's a "feature where the amp won't turn on unless everything is plugged in"? That's simply not true. There is a load protection feature that will protect the output transformer if you don't plug a cab into the amp...but it will not prevent you from powering on. As a matter of fact, the amp is designed to power on like you can use the amp through the emulated output without a cab connected. It also makes no difference if there is a guitar plugged in or not.

You need a new tech. Find someone who will actually diagnose the issue for you and not make up excuses.

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Your tech is right. There is a soft standyby switch inside at the jack input which is very buggy. I have the same issue with my Blackstar HT-20. Its a faulty product design which has not been fixed by Blackstar.

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Sat Apr 20, 2019 5:49 pm

Did your issue ever get solved? I have the same problem. Should have sold the damn thing before it happened. First experience with Blackstar crap.

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