HT-5 settings for Classic, vintage rock, blues .

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Sun Dec 09, 2012 10:47 am

I have a Blackstar HT-5 Combo, with extension Orange PPC 112 Cab, i am running both internal 1x10 speaker and external 1x12 speaker together and it sounds amazing for hard rock, punk rock, early heavy metal... for thrash metal tones i use boost from Bad Monkey. but here is something i miss and that's more vintage, classic rock, bluesy stuff... what do you think, how can i get those tones. i think about Cream, Led Zeppelin, Black Sabbath, Free, Boston, Budgie, Jimi Hendrix, Rolling Stones, Deep Purple, etc.... vintage rock i found it, it's hard to find on this amp. i have no tone knob on clean channel, i can have good clean tones only with singlecoils, but humbucker not. for guitars, i got a Strat, SG, and LP. some have paf, other high output pickups... which pickups you think would be the best with combination of this amp for vintage rock ? i also thinking of getting a good overdrive pedal and run it on clean channel to get these less distorted vintage tones. please write some helpful pickup, or od suggestions, maybe tone settings.. thanks.

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My amp's the HT-5RW, so you may get slightly different results, but I get a great bluesy rhythm using my Strat's bridge pickup, and the following gain channel settings: Gain 2, Bass 9, Mid 7, Treble 2, ISF 7 (and Level to taste). That gives me a lovely break-up that cleans up nicely from the guitar volume.

I'm working up to add a Blackstar HT-DUAL pedal in front of the amp, so I can either push that setting with a clean boost, or add more drive depending on what I need.

Hope that helps...

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I own Ht-5rs mini stack. I play Gibson Les Paul standard (2012) with burstbucker pro pickups through it. With the settings you gave for your strat I can get vintage rock sounding leads but for vintage led zep rhythms I am still struggling. Any chord i play sounds like a chugged metal chord. I have tried a lot but this amp only produces metal. Anyone who can share led zeppelin rhythm type setting for blackstar ht-5rs mini stack?

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I use Epi LP with Irongear pickups. I have 112 v30 cab(same speaker as you)
OD Channel, minimum gain (just when you start to hear sound). Volume as much as you need.
EQ all to 5 - then small tweaks after guitar is done. You might need to roll of some bass so it doesn't fart in neck position. Use ISF to "be heard" with a backing track, find your spot then adjust mids to set the level.
The rest is done on the guitar.
My neck pickup is lower output i can go from clean to nice fat rhythm.
I use tone control to get colour i want, then tweak volume to set saturation.
Bridge PU high output more for lead tones vol way up and colour with tone.

I use "Since I've been loving you - No quarter" video as my inspiration of how guitar controls should work.


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