speaker change for core high power

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Sun Oct 27, 2019 2:40 am

Someone asked a while back what speakers they could use in an ID Core High Power,
so here's my experience. I had previously used a core ID:20 when I found a good
price on the Core High Power stereo amp, but I was always a little disappointed in the
sound of using either of the core stereo amps as "amplified speakers"

It was a difficult to pry off the back of the Core ID 150 amp after all those screws were removed.
I ended up scratching the back of the amp's metal with the flat blade screwdriver.

I tried two different Celestion 10" speaker sets in my Core 150 high power stereo amp.
(both in 16ohm versions) They have the same mounting holes and spade connectors,
so it is easy to revert the changes.

VT-junior (ordered from an online retailer which had them in their sale section recently)
G10n-40 (from a Blackstar HT-5TH)

With the aux-in or USB from a laptop playing assorted music, I preferred the G10n-40 overall.
It seemed to have a better low-end, and wasn't as midrange-y sounding.
I thought both were probably clearer sounding than the stock core speakers.

The VT-junior also underwhelmed me in the HT-5TH combo amp.
I'll probably be buying another set of the G10n so I can have them in both combo amps.

Starting out, I really wanted to like the VT-juniors since Blackstar is using a 4ohm version of them
in a Silverline, and I found the 16 ohm V-Type 12" to be excellent in some solid state amps, where
I was normalizing on this model for different combo amps.

I think the ID Core High Power amp also needs a little rear wave or cabinet panel dampening,
to clean up the sound a some more.

Posts: 14
Joined: Fri Aug 28, 2015 3:38 am

Sat Nov 30, 2019 11:40 pm

This weekend I replaced the G10Ns with a pair of used Celestion G10 Vintage 8ohm drivers which seem to work well in the Core high power 150.

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