Hi from Sussex

Tell everyone about your background and why you chose Blackstar
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I played in a big tribute band for 19 years !, and recently retired from that (played an SG and wore shorts ... if you know what I mean?!! :twisted: )

I now play in a covers band playing smaller clubs and pubs churning out everything from Van Halen to Whitesnake to Lizzy
So, I sold my huge Marshall rig and moved into the digital world, first buying a Line 6 Amplifi. I do love the Amplifi, it's great at home but it just didn't cut it at rehearsals or live. I was then introduced to the Blackstar ID260tvp and my whole musical life changed ! What an amazing amp ! I now have every tone I could ever need at my feet !
I write the 'bank' number next to each song on the setlist and dial in the perfect tone I've created to suit the song I'm playing.

My quest for tone has stopped here for the time being, I couldn't be happier with this amp.
I'd never heard a digital amp REALLY sound like a valve amp until now, and I won't have to send it off to be serviced and re-valved every six months !!

Blackstar ROCKS !!

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Hi there also from Sussex and welcome! :D

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