FS-10 Footswitch - again!

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Thu Sep 12, 2019 1:04 pm

Hi guys, Chris writing from NZ ...
Long time muso .. mostly strings .. and more recently a Blackstar amp owner.

I have the ID : 60 Head and have been trying to get it to operate reliably with the FS10 foot-switch.
First one lasted about 4 months then began to switch thru patches all by itself in a sort of sequence ... at a rate of about 2 per second.
I had noted the odd "flick" of all LEDS at times previously and thought this may be normal, but this foot-switch finally decided that I would enjoy a smorgasbord of a large number of its programmed patches, in rapid rotation.
I'm a technician by training .. so tried the usual lead change, cleaned connectors etc. No difference. Fault happened thereafter every time amp was switched on with FS10 plugged in.
So I returned it to my music store. They checked it on another amp and found same issue.
Sent it back to wholesaler in Auckland ... another new unit was eventually supplied. (original not repaired and no explanation provided.)
Well, I've had this new one about the same length of time, maybe a few weeks less .... and tonight at band practice (yeah, where else?) it too went into the magic smorgasboard patch rotation. Needless to say I'm really disappointed at this fault, which seems to be a "known issue" kept a trade secret by Blackstar.

Personally, I hazard a guess at the design of this footswitch - just using a 2 conductor cord for all data transmission, both directions, is possibly pushing technology a little too hard!!
It just doesn't seem to offer "rock solid" operation, even brand new.

SO ... Blackstar reps / experts / technicians ... WHAT REALLY is the deal here??
I see a lot of trouble with this foot-switch reported online.
Is anything being done to solve this instability /out of control switching problem?
If you have a revision / mod of the circuitry and maybe a kit for repair ... please send to me - I'd be glad to repair mine!!
NO? I cannot do that?? Well would you kindly do a recall of all the pedals to date and replace them with ones which work reliably.

As a music community ... we obviously need something rather bulletproof, especially when we are gigging regularly.
To date, your foot-switch - (and, unfortunately, the impression of the amp) is making me feel like "dumping it all".
We need something better than this, and along with it, honest information about what is happening.
Problems like this left unexplained or attended to will unfortunately impact your gear reputation really badly with large numbers of us.
So what's the story?

MusiTech Creative Aotearoa
Friday 13th September 2019

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