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Discussion - HT Metal amplifiers. This includes the 1, 5, 60 and 100 watt options. Metal as F*ck!
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I have an HT5 Metal head. It started presenting an issue that I wanted to see if there was any troubleshooting steps for. On the clean channel, at full volume the output is very low and just a slight bit louder on the gain channel. When I say low volume, the guitar is louder than the amp acoustically. It is an electric guitar.

I have replaced both the pre-amp and power amp tubes to no effect. This sounded like an issue I have seen on this board with pcb's that were made in late 2011/early 2012, but I can't tell by the serial number if this amp is one of those as the serial number is a different format than those mentioned. It is formatted (21) UBA1510xxxxx.

Any suggestions would be helpful.

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