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Hello, just bought a new Artist 30 - really like the clean tone but not happy with the distorted tone from my OCD pedal - too much treble and more like like the wasp in a jam jar. I was replacing a Fender Hotrod and I have used this pedal with the Hotrod for years and been pleased with the tone (gets me a Marshal-like sound when I need it). I have setup the Artist so it sounds like the Hotrod - it's just the OCD that now sounds different! Does anyone have any thoughts on this? What pedals do people use to create a Marshal sound when needed?


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I use the Wampler Plexi Drive pedal. A bit pricey but it will give you a Marshall-like sound. Remember Blackstar was founded by people that worked at Marshall. And the Artist 30 can rock. I also have a Marshall DSL40C with an upgraded Vintage 30 speaker. It screams. But for all-around purposes and a more controllable clear beautiful tone ... the Artist 30 is a better choice hands down. Unless all you want is Marshall distortion. Then consider a Marshall amp.

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I know this is an old post but for future people having similar issues, I've got an Artist 15 and also find that drive pedals (Boss blues driver and wampler tumnus deluxe) tend to push the top end of the drive channel in a way that I don't find pleasing. It is quite possible that the amp is just accurately producing the frequencies being sent to it by the pedals and they're overdoing the top end. Waspy is a bit extreme, but I was getting a sound I'd describe as plasticy or glassy. That said, its much better if I dial out basically all the treble and then I get a good tone which seems to work for all ISF positions.

I have to say that apart from that, I'm basically ecstatic with the amp.


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