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Wed Apr 06, 2016 11:34 am

Just getting an Artist 15, and wonder if we can get a forum set up for the Artist Series? Moderators what do you think?

I am jazzed about getting my 15, and after playing for 40 years + in many formats, I'm ready to settle in with a very special amp for recording and maybe small venues. Will let you all know how it fares in my world.

Would be interested in hearing from Artist 15 and 30 owners, and your experiences. Especially interested in hearing if anyone is using an extension cab with the 15, like the HVT112?

And, anyone know of a source for the Hot Covers cover for the 15 here in the States?


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Mon Jun 20, 2016 3:53 pm

Hey there 57Stratman,
57Stratman wrote:Just getting an Artist 15, and wonder if we can get a forum set up for the Artist Series? Moderators what do you think?
All done for you! Apologies it has taken this long to come back to you on this.

All the best!

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Hi K,
Looking at the Artist 15 amp for home use. Currently have a Vox ac10c1 and love it for the mozt part, but I'm old school, and prefer something with more headroom, I can add pedals if I feel it necessary
I really like the Fender DRRI, but the lack of a master volume just makes it unrealistic most of the time.
Don't care for HRD and blues deluxe, so I'm looking to this new Artist line, I'm also contemplating waiting for the Artisan 10 ae 10th. Anniversary amp.
Your thoughts?

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Fri Jan 19, 2018 6:48 pm

Hi there,

I took yesterday delivery of my Artist 15 and must say I am more than impressed.

Playing at low volume at home in the livingroom with a good full sound and the neighbours don't complain. ( WINNER 1)
I could dial in my tone within 5 minutes.

In the evening I took the amp to rehearsal and played at normal band volume. Again smiling faces all round.

I am a heavy blues - blues/rock player who doesn't like pedals. So my rig consists of 1956 LesPaul Custom high and an MXR MicroAmp clean boost. I tried both channels and ended up using mainly channel 1. For the lead parts I only stomped the Booster and I had just the right amount of overdrive. With a light reverb dialled in at around 9 o'clock I had goose bumps.

The only litte down point I have to report is a slight buzz at low frequencies when the amp has really heated up. It sound like the speaker cone is scratching the magnet. When I tried the amp today after about an hour of livingroom use the buzz was back and when I went back to the dealer to demonstrate the buzz after about an hour and a half we gave up to listen out for the buzz because of too much buzzing and noises from the shelfs.

Overall I am very happy and know that I made the right choice. I may even buy the Artist 30 for larger gigs.

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