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Joey Manuel
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Tue Mar 07, 2017 2:44 pm

I got mine 3rd week of January from the distributor here in the Philippines. I paid nothing cuz it was a prize from Blackstar's Christmas contest. I've played only "clean" amps since the mid-70s: Fender Dual Showman, Fender Twin Reverb, Fender Custom Twin Reverb, and now the Artist 30.

I've planned on selling it before I picked it up because I knew then Blackstars were popular with the British Metal scene dominated by Marshalls, Mesa Boogies, etc. and that it would not fit my jazz and blues genres. Everything changed the moment I plugged in my Gibson SG (another prize I won in an contest last year) and boy was I wrong. It was loud and clean, just like my other vintage amps (though not as loud as the Twins). It works well with the all-stock SG and the ISF pot gives you the best tones from both sides of the pond. I never thought you could sound British using a 6L6. Brilliant design! After a month and a half it still isn't broken in. But I know where and how I can get the tone I want. Such a wide palette of tones to play with. I have moved to bass 4 years ago but with these high end free stuff I won I think I would go back to guitar by starting to collect pedals just for the basics - overdrive,/distortion/fuzz, delay, wah, chorus and EQ. Especially for channel 1 which I find lacking.

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The crackling and popping was apparently due to a dodgy capacitor. They must have had a bad batch. No problem since.
I have a suggestion for the amp designers.
As you guys decided to put all of the sockets on the underside of the amp, so I have to lie it flat on the grill to see where to plug stuff, how about taking the guy who decided this was a good idea, outside and whipping them with a large smelly dead haddock. B-)
Otherwise the amp is great.

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If you are looking for true pure tone then buy it, if you are looking for grunge, then dont. This is one of the most toneful amps Ive ever played through and thats a huge statement because Ive played through a ton. It overdrives very well and has massive headroom if you want it. It adjusts easily to really dial in your own tone. And it takes pedals well. It comes stock with high grade+ tubes which I found astonishing, especially from a production model amp. The only negative I can think of are the speakers and thats just a matter of opinion. But this amp is loud enough for gigs of most any type and a tone machine. AND it does saturate well despite the youtube videos claiming otherwise. The Artist 30 is the best purchase Ive made in the past 7 years. I am a 20+ year pro gigging artist, a 15 year luthier, and a intermediate amp tech. I play originals and covers that range from Blues, Funk and Jazz to Hard rock and also Country. This amp will do it ALL.

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I have had my eye on the Artist line since they came out but couldn’t play one since Guitar Center doesn’t stock them here in Austin. I finally saw my Artist 30 in a pawnshop. I plugged in a Strat and fell in love immediately but was a little short on the asking price. I noticed that the amp was due to drop in price next month and waited. I don’t know why it stayed there so long, probably because the word on the Artist line hasn’t gotten out yet, but I bought mine almost brand new in a pawnshop for 500 dollars! What an amazing amp! Unlike many boutique amplifiers, they sound beautiful at any volume. It might be the perfect guitar amp and it is definitely the perfect amp for me.

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