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Mon Jul 16, 2018 6:44 pm

First of all, sorry for the bad english, I'm not a native speaker.
I'm a happy ID:100 owner, but recently I bought a Ditto x4. I would like to run my loop station in the effects loop, but I have this problem (major problem, like I'm considering buying another amp just for this): in effects loop mode, it looks like the signal chain is:

instrument input -> preamp -> emulated out -> line in -> effects -> power amp.

This means that I can't record a backing track with no effects and play a lead section with effects over it (or vice versa). Because when I switch channels, whatever effect that channel has is applied to the whole signal, including anything that comes from the loop station (or from any mp3 player in the line in, for example!).

Is there a way to have a signal chain like this:

instrument input -> preamp -> effects -> emulated out -> line in -> power amp.

for example a software or firmware tweak or whatever? Or do you have another solution to bypass the problem?

Thank you for your help.

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