Settings for a sound similar to the HT100H?

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Long story short,

I play in a band with the ID:100TVP and the other guitar player playing a HT100H Tube amp.

Just wondering if anyone has any ideas on how to get a tone similar to the HT100H? His amp (when close mic'ed) sounds a lot cleaner and 'real' compared to mine. We both play similar guitars/eq pedal settings/speaker and cab config/ etc so spare me the "there's so many variables" - I'm not an amateur :D

Maybe it's just a tube vs. non-tube thing, but I'm curious what you guys think.

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I've got an ID and HT. On the ID make sure the preamp volume is turned up at least halfway or higher.. This seems to add/model the saturation and sustain you'd expect from cranked tubes, regardless of the gain setting. 2nd thing is speakers. Don't know what your using, but the stock ID speakers lose a lot of articulation and note definition compared to just about any other speaker I've tried(not something that EQ will fix) Perhaps plugging your ID into your buddy's HT cab setup might help eliminate that as part of the problem.
Good Luck :mrgreen:

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What he said about the speakers is right but also make sure you have your amp on EL34, obviously, but make sure your channel/preamp volume is like at 2 or 3 o'clock. Also just to take note of, the ID amps are based off the Series One 6 channels so it won't be exact to the HT. I personally owned both the HT 100 and ID 60 head and to match the HT OD2 channel with the button out is OD1 for the ID. Keep in mind the ID OD1 will have more gain than the HT OD2 with the button out so the gain may be at different points to match the tone, and for the HT OD2 with the button pushed in its the ID's OD2 channel.

Match everything EQ wise and presence/resonance between the two amps and if it still doesn't sound so close you can't tell which is which, dial the treble down by one or two notches or even more on the ID amp and it should fix it. After that switch the speaker in the ID to the 70/80 (that's what I did) to match what comes with the HT amps and you should be good to go. Honestly it's a big improvement in general from the stock Blackbird in the ID the 70/80 delivers much clearer tone and more defined mids. I actually found the ID to cut the mix way more at band practice which blew my mind completely and then eventually I sold all my tube amps and still have the ID TVP amps.
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I would say when dialing in a matching tone on ID to match HT:
HT clean button out= bright clean on ID
HT clean button in= warm clean on ID
HT OD1 button out= crunch on ID
HT OD1 button in= super crunch on ID
HT OD2 button out= OD1 on ID
HT OD2 button in= OD2 on ID.

Keep in mind ID amps are based off of Series One amps so the gain to match will be at different levels but to go for an exact match you'll want to be dialing in the ID to match the Series One amp.

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