ID:60TVP head sound bad with 1x12 cab

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hi guys,

I play on the ID:60TVP head with below setup. The issue I have is the sound through the cabinet is so much different (lesser gain/more mid tone) while emulated output through my earphone is great (can easily dial in the sound by following any youtube video review). I wonder if I need a 4x12 cabinet to be sound good as the emulated output is emulating 4x12 cabinet or just the cabinet/speaker not matching? Anyone tried to compare the emulated output vs the sound through speaker on the ID:30TVP combo or ID:60TVP combo - are they sound the same?
Please help if you know the reason. Thank you!

1. cabinet = 1x12 cab (line6 DT25 cabinet with Celestion custom G12H90 speaker, 90 W @ 8 ohms)
2. ID firmware 1.4.0 version installed.
3. earphone = audio technica ATH-M50 monitor headphones
4. Straight into the amp input without effect - using a ltd-1000ec guitar (humbucker pickup)

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It could be that your speaker is only 8 Ohm, but then it is simply a different speaker... I'm sure a 4x12 would sound different, though i'm not entirely sure what the headphones emulate...

If you do decide to get a 4x12 or try one out at least, make sure it's 4 Ohm because thats the best rating to get the full potential from your ID60, I tried my 60 combo through a 4x12 brand "M"... not sure what rating, but it sounded quieter than my 1x12 combo... it could have been a bass cab on reflection as the practice space already had a different full stack...
Alternatively, see if you can try a combo out, I tried the 260 and it sounded amazing, but just a little too loud and heavier than the 1x12.. you might find it sounds completely different to your current setup then

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Guitar speakers color tone. Different speakers boost and dampen different frequencies. This is why different speakers can change an amp's tone.

Monitor headphones, try to have a flat frequency response.

As such, if you tweak the tone for the Headphones, it WILL sound different through any size cab. That is unless you use FRFR (Full range Flat response) speakers in the cab.

Tweak the tone till it sounds good through the cab. Now try the headphones. Likely sounds bad in the phones now.

THat isn't even taking into effect the room effect. OPs headphone's also, I believe, are sound isolating, so you get JUST that flat response from the speakers. Sound from the cab bounces off of things in the room, gets absorbed by others, and thus adds a 'room' coloring.

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Thank you guys for the advice!

I think I will need to decide if i will connect the mixer to the emulated output or mic on the cabinet and tweak the tone accordingly.

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