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Sun Jun 15, 2014 2:32 pm

I coming from Peavey Vypyr, LIne6 POD 500 world. Recently bought the ID:100.
It sounds really great with two Vintage 30 elements.
Better that anything not tube. I do have a 100w tube head, but ID:100 is more all in one box.

What Insider lacks is a setlist creator.
Imagine dumping 128 patches in one go to the amp.
Setlists that you can pre create in your computer for different occasions.

Now it is a tedious job. So please Blackstar make this happen in Insider software.
The competition has it.


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Fri Jul 18, 2014 8:54 am

I'd find this super useful too... I think that all patches are saved as separate files in the insider folders, so it could be possible to create some sort of script to import them in the right order if you made a file of the patch names you wanted in the right order.. Then adding a visual reference, like drag and drop the patches to save you typing them out... I'm not that advanced with computers and don't have a clue where someone could start with this...

But yes, I usually use a bank for each song in order where possible and 4 patches is usually enough, so being able to set up like a setlist would be a cool feature

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Tue Jul 22, 2014 4:22 pm

I'll add my support to this request.
The current system is very time consuming to change setlists.


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Mon Jul 28, 2014 10:27 am

Plus +1 for me too :)

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