PLEASE HELP. Searching for FLY Mini 3 fuses.

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Hello everyone,
I just registered myself to this forum to see if someone could help me. I mistakingly plugged my almost brand new BS Fly mini with the inverse polarity (I believe negative to positive instead of positive to negative) and since then it won't just turn on. Not even with the batteries alone. I assume the fuse was blown away. Now, I cannot find anywhere any information regarding what kind of fuse is required or how to switch it.
Any information is highly appreciated. Thank you so much for your help.

Sean McHugh
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I have been given one to fix. Same symptoms after the owner plugged in a power adaptor.
I believe I have found a blown tiny fuse on the main board. It is next to the grey ribbon cable that comes from the little board that holds the power adaptor socket. It is in between that cable and the small diode that is labeled D12 on the board. This suspected fuse has a K printed on the top of it. I have not confirmed its value. I did find a page on surface mount fuses that had K meaning 0.8 amp, but that seems a bit low, given that the casing specifies a power adaptor that is rated at 1.5 A. It might be that different fuse manufacturers have different coding. Anyway, here is the link to the fuse page I found:
The installation of a new fuse will need a small soldering iron and some skill.

Good luck,


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