AIC Dirty Tone HT Club 40 MKII

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Sun Jul 01, 2018 1:54 pm

I have found these settings best for songs like "Man in the Box", "Damn That River"', "We Die Young", "Check My Brain" etc.

Dirty channel, hi-gain voice two, Gain: 1 o'clock, Volume: 1 o'clock, Bass: 1 o'clock, Mids: 10 o'clock, Treble: 1 o'clock, ISF: 9 o'clock, Reverb: Off (though on Man in the Box, I definitely hear reverb on the recording), Master: at least 12 o'clock (you need the power tubes in the mix)

On songs like "It Ain't Like That", "Down in a Hole", "Rooster", I think Jerry is using a slight chorus on the dirty tone. I can hear it on the initial E Major sweep on "It Ain't Like That" and through out "Down in a Hole" and "Rooster".

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