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So currently I've been happy playing on OD2 with the gain at about 3 or 4 and all EQ knobs on 10. If I turn down the treble and mids, it sounds a bit muddy to me, and if I turn down the bass it sounds kinda thin, so I just turn it all up to 10 and I feel good.

However, I'm looking for a tone that's a bit dryer and a lot like a Plexi.

Something along the lines of these tones:

Any tips or exact settings would be very appreciated. :)

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Mon May 23, 2011 9:23 pm

try turning you ISF to britain and throwing an EQ in the loop.

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The COT 50 sounds like a cranked small box 50w plexi. The Mentone KOTB 7 lump sounds like the sweetest '68 Superlead/Super bass. It can see actual close to the real thing I have A/B'd it with my '68. Best plexi in a box that I have tried.

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Edge of breakup with a plexi pedal in front. Good suggestions in the COT and Menatone. Maybe a DLS III or Crunch Box or MI Audio Blue Boy or even an inexpensive TS variant like a Green Rhino.

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