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Mon Feb 22, 2016 3:42 am

Hello all, I'm new here and was hoping to get some basic amp setting help. I have a ID260TVP and I have just not been real happy with the tone. I'm shooting for something like a 1980's metal, Marshall JCM800. I play a Schecter Damian with EMG active pickups. I can usually get a decent tone at home but when I get to band practice it sounds like crap - crunchy and thin. I play rhythm and our lead guitar plays through an all tube half stack. My guitar gets lost in the mix and I can't hear it no matter the volume. I made some adjustments today but now it sounds kind of "hollow". I thought I would post how I have the amp set up and hopefully someone could tell me what I have wrong.

Here are the settings that I have:

Super Crunch
Gain - 11:00
Volume - 11:00
Bass - 12:00
Mid - 2:00
Treble - 12:00
ISF - 3:00
Valves - EL34
Effects - REV 3, Level - 9:00
Resonance - 3:00
Presence - 3:00

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I don't have a lot of experience with amps, however, something occurred to me when I read your post. You said:
I can usually get a decent tone at home but when I get to band practice it sounds like crap - crunchy and thin.
Resonance and Presence will need to be adjusted to compensate for different acoustics in different venues. I'm guessing that you will need more "resonance" due to probably being in a hall somewhere. Do you practice with your band in a hall?

You'll also be lost in the mix if one or more of the other instruments reside in the same place as you in the mix. Not sure of the correct term for what I'm attempting to explain here. Frequency? Is somebody else in your band playing where you are in the mix? Here is an extreme example - imagine that you were a bass player in a band with two or more bass players playing at the same time - you would have a hard time hearing yourself.

It would be worth getting together with any offenders to work out tones that compliment each other, rather than cancel each other out. Think about your guitars too. Two Gibson Les Pauls with humbuckers in a band are probably going to sound less distinct from each other than the combination of a Gibson Les Paul and a Fender Strat.

Anyway, that was pretending that I knew what I was talking about. Hopefully somebody with real experience will chime in soon.

I hope I've helped. Best of luck with it.


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I have had the 100 TVP for three years now and i have found that it is thin as well. I have several tube amps the BS is the one i usually practice with mostly. Simply due to the ease of finding a multiple high gain settings by clicking the mouse a couple of times. You will never get the thump and fullness of a tube amp from a solid state modeling amp. I thought about buying a cheap low watt tube and trying to slave my TVP, use it for a preamp if you will then the tube amp as the power, have not tried this just yet. I will let you know how it goes. I may try tonight through a 20w Jet City i own. The other guy was right though when he said your presence should be adjusted, presence is like an additional high setting while resonance is a bassy wallsy feel (low end). So down on the presence and up the resonance. Good luck let us know what you work out --
BTW i have the amp running through a 212 V30s, still thin as hell, even through the eminence hard rock set 412 its thin, thats two swam thing and two Texas heats X pattern.

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This may be a little late but Andertons put out a video years ago that goes through settings with pictures of amp set up that are supposed to replicate certain amps. Here is the link. Title: Blackstar ID Series Amplifier Demo. I attached a picture of the amp settings. I just did a demo of that amp and i really liked it. I just ordered a new Blackstar Silverline Stereo Deluxe. Replacement for the TVP series. Excited to get it.
Blackstar 80s JCM 800.JPG
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