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Hi Guys,

I've been using my ID-60 for just over a year now with my band and have so far managed to play around with settings to get some interesting sounds from various genres... One thing I really want to get is a Biffy Clyro-esque sound, really punchy, overdriven but tight sounding. I'm not saying I want to sound exactly like Simon Neil, because he uses lots of amps at once and pedals and line selectors etc to get the sound, whereas I like the ID because it can do a whole lot of different sounds...

At my disposal I have:
Mexican Strat HSS
Ibanez RG series
Crafter Cruiser strat and a spikey one(currently in Drop C tuning for "that one song")
Big Muff Pi with tone wicker
Visual sound angry fuzz (fuzz with octave)
Boss FZ-3
ID-60 with FS-10
(yeh, 3 fuzz pedals on my board, you can never have too much fuzz)

So for this style of music, the tone I want, I'm thinking a crunch or OD channel, 6L6 valves with ISF kinda 12 oclock, maybe slightly more american side? I also usually kick in either the angry fuzz or big muff for the octave effect... But then for tone, volume and gain I'm slightly unsure about where to set them.. at the moment I've been setting everything just either side of 12 oclock and getting almost there...

If anyone has any suggestions that would be great, I'm surprised theres not more shared settings requests on this forum.. I'll post a picture at some point of my setup,

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