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The Foo Fighters sound

Since my Band is Covering some Foo Fighters Songs, have made a Setup to get as Close as i can to theyr sound.

I know, they use Mesa's,AC30's, Hi-Wats and theyr pedals and so on, but i wanted to do it with the stuff i already had.

With this setting you can Play every Song they have.

Ill show how to set every knob, but first, lets see what we are Aiming for:

You need CLEANS, wich are used for:
-The Pretender (Intro)
-Big Me (whole song)
And some others, but you get the point

You need a OVERDRIVE, wich is dynamic, and used only to give a little dirt to the clean.
It is used for:
-Walk (Intro)
-Learn to fly (Verse)
-The pretender (Chris shifflet lead melody)

And ofc you need DISTORTION, wich is pretty Fat and Dynamic.
And it is used for:
-All my life
-The pretender (Rhythm)
-Walk (everything exept intro)
-Learn to fly (everything exept verse)
And pretty much everything thats Heavy

So we need a overdive and Distortion Pedal, going into a Clean amp.

I have set master volume to 12 o'clock, and adjust volume with the clean channels volume knob.
This way your powertubes create more dynamic.

I Use a Blackstar HT Club 50 head.
Settings for clean is pretty easy.
You set the Tone knob to 1 o'clock
(Or bass 12, Mids 1, Treble 1 o'clock)
For thoose of you having a voice switch, its the voicing that doeset break up the tubes so easily (the cleaner of the 2 cleans)

A lot of pedals work. I use My TC electronic MojoMojo (Tubescreamer worked too)
Drive 12, level 1, bass 12, treble 12 o'clock (or just tone at 12)

They use a ProCo Rat.
I use a TC electronic Dark Matter
Distortion 3, level 12, bass 11, treble 1 (or tone at 1 to 2 o'clock)

Thoose settings landed me pretty much there. With an easy Setup you wont have to change anything from song to song.

Please feedback your experiences!


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