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Best Solution i have to this, ( and actually doing this myself too, with great sucess) is the good old Tubescreamer. I dial in my Sound on the dirty Channel. My sound is kinda AC/DC Crunch, but a bit on the heavyer side. And for leads, i just push a Ibanez TS808. On the TS i have set drive, level and tone all on 2'o clock. It doesend change my Sound much, but it gives a pretty Mid boost, and awesome sustain. This helps to cut trough pretty nice! I love this setup!

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I've got a Custom Basdass Modified OD to run with my HT-40. It's amazing trough the clean channel (Boutique Voice and Fender/Modern Voice) runs really nice. Specially with the bump engaged and the 100Hz adjustment at 7 thinking in a 0 to 10 adjustment. Really nice. I'm running Svetlana Winged -C- EL34 for Power amp and Tung-Sol 12ax7 in V1 and JJ ECC83 in V2. With JJ on dirt I can get even a clean sound lowering the volume. Really nice for my propose, blues and classic rock. I will try a Catalinbread Dirt Little Secret after the Custom Badass Modified OD. I run an EP Booster from Xotic at the end of my chain to get a nice rich sound. Really a must have pedal.

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I want to know witch voice do you prefer do run pedals, on the Modern or the Boutique? Did you cranked and boosted the Modern/Fender voice?! Is it even close to a Fender, any models in mind?! Blackface cleans!?

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What sounds good to anyone in an overdrive pedal to me is a matter of personal taste. There are lots of good ones out there. Personally I favor a TS-808 Tube screamer.

More importantly, I use an MXR 10-band EQ to tweak my tone, and have found it to be immensely useful. It can add some gain if you wish, or just volume if you want to keep your tone intact. The EQ section is phenomenal in adjusting the shortcomings of any guitar/pickup combination, and adds incredible presence and warmth. Highly recommended.

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Ah the old "Which OD pedal is best" question. I'm surprised there aren't 500 replies to this already!
Personally I have never found an OD pedal that doesn't color the tone or add to floor noise at least a little depending on how it's settings are adjusted. Over the years I've used OD pedals in the two ways I think most guitarists do - either 1) as an always on drive that helps to create the basic tone regardless of which channel the amp is on or 2) as a lead boost / secondary channel with more gain.

With the lead boost / secondary channel approach it will always color the tone when it is switched on and the higher the drive setting is the more coloration there will be. In order to get really saturated lead tones this can be a really stark change to tone especially on a single button on / off type of OD.

The problem with the always on approach is in order to get a lead boost, you need to have another gainier channel to switch to but the advantage to this approach is it's always on so you can dial in the overall tone you want and it doesn't change from channel to channel.

My preference for a long time was to leave it on and use the amps channels to get more gain without adding too much floor noise. I've always preferred multi-channel amps so this has really worked out well for me. However, the the fairly recent addition of dual switch OD pedals that allow two gain structures really allows for the best of both approaches and actually adds what amounts to an extra channel to even a multi channel amp without coloring the tone that has already been set.

I've been using the Vox Ice 9 pedal exactly this way for quite some time to create a gradual cascading drive setup on my HT 60 that let's me go from clean to super saturated lead and anything in between. The same could be done with just about any of the dual switch OD's out there but this one just fit the overall tonal characteristics I like.

My 2 cents...

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If your not really looking to color your tone much. Have you thought of A clean Boost ? ... ects-pedal

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I just got a ht5r combo & picked up an LT Boost pedal at the same time, must say it's a great pedal, it pushes the amp exactly how it needs to & the eq is wide ranging & spot on.
it works really well with my ID15 amp too.

on a side note I own an MXR Wylde od pedal, which has sat in my gig bag since I got it, that thing sounds like ass.

sometimes I used the od's & drives from my Line6 M5 & with a bit of care that can sound pretty good too.

But I have always had a lot of love for the Digitech Bad monkey, a fantastic budget od that gets the job done well :D

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