HT-20 OD Channel Settings (Light/Mid OD)

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Sat Nov 17, 2012 7:59 pm

Like the title says - what settings do you use on the OD channel for light to mid OD?

I have a range of guitars (LP, Strat, Tele, P90, SuperStrat), so I thought it might be helpful to divide this into humbucker vs single coil. I'm not sure there can be a standard setting that would work for all types.

All the tweaking/combinations I am doing in a single sitting with my HT-20 are all starting to sound the same to me. :o

I guess I should mention that I'm using a WGS Vet 30 and Mullard 12AX7, GT 12AY7, Winged Cs. I realize this makes a difference, but wondering what the standard BS circuit likes best.

So...what say ye??

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Mon Dec 03, 2012 7:04 am

Ok here goes....
I play in my church band, and use my HT20 combo amp as my personal monitor and mike it to the pa.
I have a TongSol 12AX7 in V1, a JAN Philips 5751 in V2, and Winged "C" EL34's.
The speaker I'm using is a WGS GreenBeret.
My guitar is an Ibanez SZ520 with Duncan Designed humbuckers.
I don't use a lot of pedals at all. Boss TU-2 tuner in front, and a Boss DD3 and an MXR 10 band EQ in the loop. The EQ is only used as a boost. I'll occasionally use a Crybaby Wah and/or a Boss SD1 in front, but not very often.
I usually set my master volume to 9 o'clock, ISF at 9 o'clock and reverb off.
My clean channel volume is set to 12 o'clock, and clean tone to 1 o'clock.
On the overdrive channel gain is set around 9 o'clock, volume at 12 o'clock, bass at 11, mid and treble both around 1 o'clock.
9 out of 10 times, I play only on the OD channel, and use the guitars volume knob and pickup selector to clean or dirty my sound.
For me this is a pretty good low-gain, "classic rock" kind of sound. I've found it works for me, but like any tone freak, I'm always up for experimenting with speakers, tubes, or pedals.

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