The British Invasion Years

If you're in a band using Blackstar amps, introduce yourself here.
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Hi- I'm the guitarist Lee and use the HT CLUB 40 Limited Edition. Hands down, the best amp I've ever had. Whether I use vintage guitars or modeling guitars like the Line 6 Variax, the sound/tone is amazing. The thing I like most when using the Variax through the amp is that you can hear the subtle nuances of each guitar model. I used to use Line 6 Flextone III, and that paired with the Line 6 Variax (same brand, so you think it'd be the optimal set up) didn't have the clarity I have with my trusty Blackstar. The sound is so good with just a guitar and amp, I have a minimal effects pedalboard and barely use it. By the way, I run the EQ section of the amp TOTALLY FLAT!

I recently did a live broadcast of my rig rundown on Facebook using only the Variax and the amp. Check it out here: ... 892532514/

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