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If you're in a band using Blackstar amps, introduce yourself here.
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Hi everyone I'm Willy D. from Jo-Panic a 70's heavy classic rock act out of Ontario Canada. We are a dual lead 4 piece with 4 vocalists in our 50's. My stage set has evolved over the years from your typical Marshall 800's and Jubilee's. Then I took a ten year turn at a Rivera TBRsl2 through a couple of 4x12's. I decided about a year ago to downsize as lugging the big cabs about was becoming a pain. Also most of the shows we do are in concert clubs where they already have a great P.A. and on stage monitor system. So I started hunting for a smaller rig that would still offer up the big sound I am comfortable with. I tried a lot out Fender, Mesa and a Marshall Haze series. The Haze sounded great but was so unreliable. 3 months 3 breakdowns so on and on it went. I was becoming convinced I may have made a mistake when I stumbled upon a Blackstar HT-20. I took it home on trial for a couple of weeks and loved the palate of tones it offered up but I was also concerned by the output or lack there of so I ordered up the 40-HT with a single 12 extension cabinet. I am damn glad I did. This little beastly setup nails what I'm looking for with tone and output galore. Being only 2x12 I have to position it right on stage because with only 2 speakers disbursement can be an issue on larger stages. To get around this I have a tad of it thrown in the monitors. I am now getting a huge sound without all the weight and nut pulling associated with big rigs. I have found it to be a delight though, the other guitarist uses a Bogner and the Blackstar goes toe to toe with it easily . Kudos to Blackstar for coming up with a great product at an astonishing price point .

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