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Mon May 24, 2010 7:57 am

TEMPA wrote:
6StringBender wrote:
TEMPA wrote:My HT-5S with some of my other toys -
I really like the rosewood f/b Strat..........what model is it, and is it American/Mexican/Korean etc.??
It's a Mexican Standard Strat, one of the newer ones that got some minor upgrades to them from last year IIRC.

It was bought new late last year, Christmas present from my lovely wife!

Was looking at the Squier Classic Vibe 50's or 60's to start with but was given a good deal on the Fender and when comparing the 60's side by side with the MIM, sound wise the MIM sounded better to our ears.
I fully understand the love for MIM Fenders........I have a MIM Tele. that I put a Bigsby on, and a Hot Twinrail(noiseless) bridge p'up in, that now sounds as good as any American Tele i've heard in years.......

It also sounds like both have "GROOVY" wives........mine got me this for Valentines Day

Apologies for going "off topic".......I now return you to your regularly scheduled programming........... Image

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Hi and greetings from gemany!

Okay, let me show you my beauties! I customized the HT 5 Top with some smd-lights, that are mounted form the backside of the front-plate of the amp, so that they will illuminate the paneel. It is really amazing in the dark. The self-built 1 x 12" box (open back) includes a celestion vintage 30 speaker and intregrated 19" effect unit (24bit), that only produces some reverb.. All in all: a nice set.......

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Mon May 24, 2010 11:49 am

Awesome mod!!

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Guitar Goober wrote:Awesome mod!!
+1 !!! that looks fantastic!

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Wow, looks great! Was is hard to mod it like this? Perhaps when my warranty runs out I'll try it.

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Mon May 24, 2010 12:10 pm


That's looks fantastic!

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Here's mine


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Blackstar has been AWESOME to me and my band Anchored!!! We just got off of our national tour with Saliva. Needless to say, Blackstar was right there with us kickin ass! I've used MANY different amps and cabs over the years and Blackstar are by far some of the BEST amps and cabs I've EVER used! Thanks guys fro taking such good care of us on the road! Lookin forward to getting my combo for the house=)

Lead Guitarist- Anchored


I know, I know... The mesa is only for Rhythm in some songs=) I use it to add a little extra "thickness" in some some songs...


The guitar n these pics is one of many PRS guitars i own. PRS made this one custom for me for our single "Dirty in Texas". Obviously the Texas flag is prominent=)


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It's nice to know that these can be toured with. Not that I'll probably ever go on a tour, but that says a lot for the reliability. Did you have any problems with any of them?

Here's the picture I posted in my other thread.


I have my Marshall halfstack at home this week, so I'll try to take a picture of both amps together at some point.

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