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Re: My HOTRODDED Blackstar HT-5

Posted: Sun Jun 26, 2011 5:41 am
by Jono82
firepigg wrote:Hello Blackstar fans.....
I've been a Marshall player for the last 6 years. I've modded/upgraded every one I've had. I decided to pick up one of these HT-5
heads because I needed a practice amp w/ two channels and headphone jack. On paper, the Blackstar HT-5 fit the bill. Like all mass
produced, low price amps, (my opinion is...) the tone was severely lacking. To get an amp with all those features at such a low price,
corners must be cut and things like transformers, tubes, caps, diodes, etc...get sourced by bean counters.
This is NOT an amplifier for "tweakers". The PCB is just LOADED with bits. Not a mod-friendly amp and schematics are not really available.
Not to be deterred, I cracked her open, made my notes and called my buddy Patrick at Mercury Magnetics. They do not offer on thier website
anything for Blackstar. I gave him the specs I needed in an output tranny and they set me up with a MONSTER! I've installed the OT, choke, made
some HUGE upgrades on the PCB (my little secret recipe) and loaded some NOS Brimar and Sylvania tubes. The result is pure tone BLISS! The tone has been UNLEASHED! There is sustain, note clarity and seperation, the ISF control actually WORKS now! There is no comparrison to the stock unit.
In the new year, I will be working on soundclips and a website dedicated to the project and be offering these services to any HT-5 owner who wants to unlock the true potential of this incredible little amp. Image

email me for [email][/email]
It's now June 2011.. is there any news or progress about this website or details more details about the mods? Sound clips etc?

Re: My HOTRODDED Blackstar HT-5

Posted: Sat Jun 23, 2012 5:24 am
by RobZ
I'm going to order a Mercury transformer for my HT-5 this week.... When I get in I'll write up how it went... It looks like it will go in pretty easily... just a new mounting screw.... The choke looks like it will be harder... so if anybody has put one in... if you could let me know how it went I would appreciate it....