Two HT5s in Stereo

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Picked up the first HT5 about 3 years ago - the original 10". Running it into an Orange 2x12 cab. Just received the HT5TH about two weeks ago. I'm using an EHX stereo Electric Mistress to run the amps together - sounds absolutely phenomenal.
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. I tried a lot of amps to get what I was looking for, which was a great sounding home set up. For a while I entertained the idea that "bigger" had to be better. I had a 50 watt Marshall Vintage Modern 2 x 12 combo - great amp but it had a quirky rattle on the clean channel that nobody could seem to remedy so it was returned. Somehow or another that resulted in an HT Club 50 with a 4x12 coming home for a couple days. That was very cool, and as you can guess sounded pretty amazing, but the thing was so loud that my ears started to ring and dishes were rattling around in the kitchen and I'm pretty sure the cops would have eventually arrived. Then my wife came home, took one look at the enormity of it and asked me what I was thinking - so it went back to the store. Steve my salesman just loves me. Tried an Orange Dark Terror, which sounded great on You Tube, but a tad flat / one dimensional in person. So I scratched my head for a moment and then plugged the HT5 into the Orange cab, and quickly concluded I liked the Blackstar's sound better. So I sold the DT (Steve refused to take it btw) to grab another HT and luckily stumbled onto the anniversary edition. The volume I get with this set up is perfect - it's perfectly "loud" in the space that I need to fill, while managing not to invade much beyond that. I'm sure the neighbors can hear it at times, but at least they don't have to feel it all of the time.

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