stage60 user needs PEDAL suggestions

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Here is a list of OD Pedals I have/or use with my Soloist 60.

MXR Custom Badass OD - Set right and you can get a light/clean uncolored boost of gain up tp a coloured boost of high ass gain that everybody secretly loves but doesnt admit to, kinda like that girl at the bar you went home with and.......I think we get it.

Ibanez BB9 Bottom Booster - You can get as much or as little added Gain, great clean boost and a ton of low end (more than any other OD pedal Iv tried.) This can turn single coils in to humbuckers.......This is in my opinion is a TS9 but with all the missing ingredients...This is a VERY underated pedal and it says bottom on it.

Boss SD1- Yes, i said it.....SD1. Tweak it, play it, pay just 50 for it new, love it......

Electro Harmonix LPB1 - One dial, clean boost to added gain. Can sound fat if eq'd right.

CAE Boost - A lot like the LPB1 but cleaner, better and more delicious.....mmmmmmmm CAE

Digitech CM2 Tube OD - This will do what the Bad Ass OD does but you can add a ton of mids in comaprison. Takes a bit to tweak to justify it over some of the mentioned but I think the biggest justification is GAS, more OD pedals to have, its green and not a TS9, it smells good (it really does).

In all seriousness I play a six and a seven string. Pink Floyd, Rage, Pumpkins all the way to Fear Factory, Trivium, Ozzy, Dream Theater etc.....I need an OD that handle getting me the clarity of the low B and then can be dialed back when I go to my Tele.

You may have a different setup and style. I went to my local store and spent a day with all of the above before buying a few to test more. If you arnt hung up on tone any of the above may do the trick. If you love chasing tone as much as playing then try em out........

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Fri Apr 20, 2012 11:56 am

OCD will do all of that and more...

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