Doesn't have to be used for the heavy stuff

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Wed Apr 24, 2013 9:37 am

Although my favourite current band is Black Stone Cherry and I grew up on a diet of 70s 80s rock I now find myself playing a sixties tribute band playing pop songs such as the Searchers and The Byrds etc. :?
My Blackstar gives me the classic cleaner and slightly overdriven sounds I need and I love it. Works great with my 12 string as well.
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Wed Apr 24, 2013 5:11 pm

Very cool Covkid...I agree. I love/use the clean channel on my HT-20 with various pedals. Sounds great IMHO.

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Normaly use a Les Paul through my HT 5R with a Boss Multi Effects pedal - great for most small venues and has now replaced my Marshall JTM60 2 x 12's Combo. Much lighter and better sound. I also play in an acoustic band and I've started using my Ovation Elite through the amp - what an amazing warm sound, back off the guitar vol a bit and through the clean channel and it sounds gorgeous. Played at a gig last night and sound guy wanted me to go through the PA, asked hm to put mic in front of the HT 5, beautiful sound!!

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Thu Jun 27, 2013 10:10 pm

On Sunday just gone we recorded these songs live in a warehouse, then played along to them to film a promotional video just to try and get some local gigs. I used my Club HT40 via the Speaker Emulation output straight into the sound mans stuff. I apologise in advance for the lack of guitar heroics and my inability to move like a normal human being. ... x3o1O3gfFg ... x3o1O3gfFg ... x3o1O3gfFg
Hope you like them,
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Awesome job Paul,

It's great to see/hear more clips of the Venue series in 'clean' mode. I'm consistently surprised by those who consider the clean channel to be sterile. Very nice indeed.

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Thanks Sonofarich,

When I decided to pick up a guitar again last year after 16 years of not playing at all, I went to a local music shop and asked for advice. They said that the Blackstar HT40 would we the right one for me and should cover me for most band options. I was hoping to eventually join a general rock covers band but this 60s cover band came up instead so the overdrive channel hardly gets used. If I could make my purchase all over again I would just get the 60w version to give me more headroom but I would stay with Blackstar.

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Tue Jul 30, 2013 3:24 pm

Update to my own thread:

I upgraded to the Soloist 60 and its given me more head room as just about everything I do is on the clean channel. Our videos are on No guitar heroics I am afraid just rhythm playing. :roll:

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Very nice playing mate.
Doesn't have to be widdly shredding to be good IMO.

I'm also a "less heavy" user of an HT series, although usually a bit heavier than you... more 70s-80s punk/goth style in the current band, but I do use and like the clean channel of my HT20-H. Clean channel on the 20 does a nice breaking-up 50s style rock n roll sound at gig volume as well :) Almost impossible to get any breakup at all on the clean channel at acceptable house volume.

The HTs get some bad press for having some solid-state components, but I bought mine because I like the sound of it and the price wasn't silly. They're not just for the metalheads!


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Hi Paul,

Saw you play at Brandon Club a few months ago - great 60's cover band. Keep up the good work.


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Really good job. You have captured the sound superbly.
What is the guitar you play, sounds just right for the period.
Also, i really admire the minimalist approach, less is definitely more. Great stuff. 8-)

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