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Sat May 19, 2012 4:03 pm


keeping it simple....volume-polytune(best frickin live xcessary ever)-blackstar boost-GCB-95 wah
just purchased a DD-5 that´s gunna get stuck in there ;-) haven´t decided wether to put it out front or stick her in the loop yet though... hate the xtra cablepulling and tone suck involved with the loop. The crate dual pedal is used for changing the voice on the OD 2 on my HV 100 and I´m going to pop the right pushbutton out and stick a momentary push button in there and rewire it so it can be used as a tap-tempo for my boss delay

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Sun Jun 03, 2012 7:58 pm

Image´s amazing how much time it takes to get things the way you want.....finally found a used warwik that I needed and have spent three days locked in my basement figuring out where I want my said the crate "1"-"2" pedal now works for shifting voice on OD-2 and I have put a momentary pushswitch in hole 2 that now acts as a tap-tempo for my delay...which got shoved in the loop after my volume....really gives me some sweet violining when I just need more effects ;-)

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Tue Jun 26, 2012 5:08 am


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Wah Pedal is the only effect running in the front, All other effects through the loop. No Distortion Pedal is used. The HT-60 OD channels sound very sweet without additional distortion.
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Here is mine.
My signal chain is Guitar>MXR EQ>POD HD500>HT60.
The POD is used for effects only. I use the 4 cable method and the amp & cabinet sims are deactivated. The Johnson single button activates the voice toggle on OD2 of the amp. I use the built-in expression pedal for volume control and wah and the Mission L6 pedal controls various effect parameters depending on the preset that's being used.
Being the tone tweaker that I am, after so many years of using multiple stomp boxes it's great to be able to put effects anywhere in the signal change without rearranging them on a board. Being able to use up to 8 effects at one time and change to a completely different layout with the tap of a button is a dream come true for me.
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Steve Mavronis
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Here is my Pedaltrain Mini board. The two "Neo-Classic" pedals are my first ever DIY projects that I made from scratch with my own custom unique layout etched and tinned PCBs. They are circuit clones of a '79-'80 era grey DOD 250 Overdrive and a '76-'77 era MXR Dyna Comp. They were only made for myself and a my clsoe friend American neoclassic shred guitarist Dean Cascione. They are not retail items but I wanted them to look as close as possible to commercial quality. They work great together and I soon hope to use them with my new Blackstar HT-1RH Head once I decide on the best Blackstar Cab for home practice use.


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I love the pics of all your boards! My favourite on my board is the T-Rex Moller, it is just amazing.

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