venue series ht studio 20h problem

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Thu Feb 09, 2012 2:34 am

I have a venue series ht studio 20h running through a artisan 2x12 cab, i am running an mxr 10 band eq and the mxr full bore metal pedal for distortion. i find that when i run the full bore through the effects loop i get a better sound and more what im lookin for, at first i was running th eq pedal through the front but wanted to try it in the back with the full bore. i find that when i run the full bore first and the eq after it i get a really sick tone and love how it sounds, but when i turn the eq on or off i get a really nasty pop, it cant be good for the speaker. i tried flipping it around and get a good sound( not as good as other) but the full bore makes the popping sound..... so what can i do to stop this......

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