where to put my ht-dual pedal on a ht-5th

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Sun Nov 23, 2014 1:47 am

i have recently ordered a ht dual pedal, so i can use my ht-5th as a (at least) 3-channel amp. this is because i like the sound of the amp that much.

i will use my amp gain channel as my higain sound, and let the ht-dual pedal run on the clean channel of the amp. now i thought, to have exactly the same tone/sound as the drive channel of the amp, i should put the ht-dual pedal in the effect loop, so it has the same circuit routing as the gain channel of the amp,,, am i right?

now i have learned, as the basics, that i should put my modulations after dirty channels and as last the delay, which is the setup that i have now before it goes into the amp. i do not use my effect loop. (maybe i should?)
but if the ht-dual pedal will not/should be placed in the loop return of the amp, as suggested above, then theoratically it should be, as a dirty pedal, now as the last of the pedal set. since it will be the same routing as it is now, all modulations before the amps gain

thing is, as i mentioned before, that i bought the ht-pedal to have more footswitchable channels with the blackstar sound as its main drive/crunch/bluesy/higain tone and.........
....e because it is also a drag to crawl behind the amp, trying to get that bleusy sound, after doing some metal, while its gain knob is very sensitve in the lower parts and the €&@;€: knobs i stil find unreadable in dark conditions. allready did some white stickering stuff on it, but still..

any suggestions are welcome and maybe, since i will switch some stuff of my pedal board, i have to dig into that loop send with my modulation pedals

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