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Hi everybody !
I’m a (happy !?) new owner of a HT-5R used amp (4-5 years old).
That’s my first experience with tube amps, so sorry for the maybe stupid question and my poor English (that’s not my language).
My amp does a really strange / unwanted / horrible noise while playing.
While playing does mean :
- When the amp is on, with or without guitar plugged-in, volume in low, mid or full position, the amp does only the ‘standard ‘hum’ noise. That’s OK for me.
- When the guitar is plugged-in and I play some chords, the volume of the guitar is correct, but in the background I hear a really unpleasant noise (something like scratches, grrrr…)
I tried different cables, two guitars and different A/C plug with and without parasite filters, always the same.
I do a visual check-up of the circuit boards (looking for resistor and/or capacitors in bad conditions) and all seem good.
Yesterday when playing some ‘clean’ notes it seems that the amp could not ‘keep the volume constant’.
Another thing maybe important: background instruments played from the line in jack (drums, etc.) do not suffer the same problem, sound is clean!

Any idea which would be the cause? I hope a tube swap will resolve this but before buying them I’ll ask what do you think.

(EDIT)Done a test on the emulated output, noise is there too. Can I exclude the power tube to be faulty? (END EDIT)


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