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Sun Jul 28, 2019 6:45 pm

I have the chance to purchase a mint condition HT-5R combo with apparently no electronic issues whatsoever.

According to it's current owner it is used about 3 times a week for an hour or so, has a new pre-amp valve and a power amp valve fitted which has been biased.

It's serial number starts 201107 and it is made in Korea.

On testing it I noticed a slightly warm spot on the back tolex covered panel after about a hour's use roughly inline with the power valve's location - normal ???
The knobs remain cool to the touch.
No crackling, humming or buzzing, all pots are noise free when rotated.
No PCB discolouration around R38 / 39.

Is this amp one of the more reliable earlier 2011 models or one of the avoid like the plague "frying tonight" models with the iffy PCBs !

Please advise - many thanks - much appreciated.

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