Connecting HT5r to a pair of HT408's

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Mon Apr 15, 2019 9:10 am

Hi all

I recently purchased a HT5r mini stack with 2x HT408 cabs. Very happy with it as a studio amp, it sounds great but I have a question about connecting the 2 cabs.

On the back of the head there are speaker outputs for 1x 8ohm cab, 2x 16ohm cabs or 1x 16ohm cab. The thing is I have 2x 8ohm cabs, and nowhere in the manual or anywhere online seems to discuss connecting 2x 8ohm cabs the the HT5. The HT408 cabs have inputs and outputs so it's possible to chain them from 1 output which I thought would give me 16ohms at the amp but I measure 4ohms, so obviously all 8 speakers are in parallel like this. Is it safe to run 2 cabs @ 4ohms from the 1x 8ohm output? I purchased the whole thing as a package so I'm assuming there must be a way to connect it properly?

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