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Tue Sep 03, 2013 3:54 pm

While I like the Club 50 and Mesa 2x12 setup I'm using for band rehearsals, they take up a lot of space and are louder than needed for practices. I have an HT-5R for home practice I could use instead, and it would be much easier to transport, but I wonder if it has enough clean headroom to be heard over drums and bass. I could also pair the combo with a 1x12 extension cab. Anyone used this setup for band rehearsals?



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Sun Sep 15, 2013 7:21 am

I use the HT5R for rehersal and it works well.

My volume are 12-13 jours.

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Thu Oct 10, 2013 4:00 pm

I use the HT5R with the HT112 Ext cab to give 2 x 12 and it works fine for rehearsals and gigging even with noisy drummer, bass and k'brd. Was loud enough in a marquee tent. I use a Les Paul and don't really want clean headroom so it's fine for my sound, but you may need a few more Watts for real headroom. Try it and see!.

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I use ht5(10inch speaker) on rehearsal, used to blackstar s1-200 and ht-100 thru 2x12 marshall cab but cudnt turn vol over 2-3 (0-10) and is a back killer draggin these big heavy heads, I finally bout old ht-5 combo and brought over to reh room, wow !!! man I cant past vol 7 its load as fook and sound fantastic cranked, more less same as ht100 on vol 3, I only use delay pedal with it, speaker is stock celestion gh10-40 and tubes are eh-12bh7 and jj on pre amp. had wee gig in local pub over the weekend and believe me or not but ive choose my baby blackstar as main gear that nite, just micked up for better headroom and that's it.
if u want wall of speakers behind u on stage that's fine, this is what I used to lol
but from now extremally happy with that wee fucker on pubs/small venues gigs and rehs,
not sure bout ht5r, heard speakers r shite, I wud defo go for vintage30 or gt-75 depends what u lookin for.

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I use one for rehearsal run it about 3/4 in drive channel which is nearly loud enough but not quite .then I mic her up and bloody awesome sound I used to use big amps but you can never get some tube amps loud enough to work properly before your head starts to open .this gives me a perfect sound, on full volume it gets a little compressed and mushy back it off to 3 oclock or 3/4 volume mic it and control your overall volume from pa .I don't even use pedals just a les Paul .try it
Also use it to gig.covering zz top . allman bros,skynyrd etc . great amp .

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