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Fri Dec 21, 2012 11:16 pm

Right now i am using Bad Monkey as a boost.. i use it on clean channel too, for more vintage stuff. that's my only OD pedal that i tried. i like the bass control. next thing to try would be some Eqalizer pedal.. to see what can it do to improve the sound. must say that huge improvement i did is Orange PPC 112 external cab, with Vintage 30 speaker in it. first of all, better bass response. and much more headroom. really good. but now i don't know what can i do with that stock internal 10 speaker.. almostly i let it disconnected, but i also played the combination of both, internal + external, but to be honest it sounds much better with only that 1x12 extension cabinet. i assume that next improvement after that eq would be the valve swap, but i am scared to do this on my own hand...

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valve swaps are very easy,
but there is a risk the valve will be damaged in the post,
but the worst that can happen is you put the old one back in.

I have tried a few overdrives,
gave up on the Ibanez Jem quite quickly as it didnt sound much different,
currently I like Big Knob Zendrive, Digitech Grunge, Texas recoiler and a handmade harmonic overdrive,
but not all at once.
Also like MXR fullbore metal but I suppose thats a distortion.

Pedals I dont like include the Biyang OD8 and Seymour Duncan pickup booster,
They just dont seem to improve the sound, more gain but no character.

I usually have a overdrive, fuzz and distortion in front of the amp,
and a digitech RP255 in the effects loop, works well and gives a lot of tones.

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I love my MXR CBMOD > Sparkle Drive > Timmy (stacked) through the clean channel of my HT-20...

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I have Bad Monkey for boost, and i use it over the clean channel too.. i can get better low gain vintage blues/ rock tones from HT-5 that way. the Vintage 30 speaker improve headroom and low end a lot. now strat sounds good with that amp.. maybe i will get some Equalizer pedal, to see if i can improve lower gain sound at high volumes, or improve clean channel at all. i am really setisfied with external 12 speaker upgrade.. and bad monkey give that better bite to the overall sound. i really like bm because it has bass control, and from what i heard it's just a copy of Ibanez Tubescreamer OD pedal.. whatever, maybe i'll change the valves for some better ones in future.. but have no knowledge how different one change the sounds.. so i will go with HT-5 to some specialist, and ask how each one affected to the sound, and then replace them.. and i have a plan next year to buy HT-40 Club.. before that i want to somehow improve the clean channel on ht-5, and learn which overdrive or fuzz really gives me that vintage tube amp sound. because i am into different styles of music. from really vintage overdrive tube sounds, to thrash metal sound. i want be able to get with HT-40 all of that stuff... for different live musical situations :roll:

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I have been using an MXR 6 band eq in my HT5R effects loop to boost the OD channel for solos or even to sculpt scooped mids. For me the EQ is a must have. So many possibilities to play with your tone.

Last month i saw a video by guitarist Andy James where he uses the Bad Monkey to boost the blackstar for more gain. I found the result quite interesting. So i picked a second hand BadMonkey OD real cheap. Its a very good overdrive pedal with hi low eq a major plus. Can be used on the clean for some nice vintage blues tones and classic rock. On the dirt channel the BM really kicks the amp gain for some serious modern metal. But i wouldn't recommend the BM plugged at all times as it sucks tone quite a bit. Wish it was a true bypass pedal.

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I just ordered one of these .... 116 on Amazon... there is a lot of good feedback on it.. should have it this week..

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I use an lbp1 to just push a little harder, or a joyo ultimate drive(ocd clone, but a tubescreamer works too) to thicken and push... Also, sometimes a muff or a red llama...

A clean boost on the clean channel makes for a classic crunch... That crunch is awesome for stacking a muff, or thicker OD....

Love my ht5, tons of tones in it, but don't be afraid to push it with pedals... I also swapped tubes to a nos delmonico 12bh7 and a tung sol 12ax7

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I have a first generation HT5 and an HT20. I use a Boss Super Overdrive as a solo boost in front of both amps. It makes it louder with more gain and compression. For a clean boost, I use an MXR 10-band EQ in the effects loop. I would say both pedals work very well for what i need.

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