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I have the HT Stage 60 MK2 amp I bought new a few months ago and certainly the best tone I've played with. I don't need pedals or anything. I love the voicing idea which is why I bought it, however my issue is the huge gap in the volume between voicings on their own channel. Can I fix this? The dirt level/tone is so different on the crunch voicings for example that I use them separately for various tunes but playing live, the volume jump renders the application kinda useless. AT home I just turn up the first stage volume to where I want but when I goto the second stage, I have to turn the amp down a bit because the difference is too hot for volume and visa versa when I go back to the first stage, gotta turn up the amp volume.

Which leads me to the second volume issue. I bought the larger foot pedal with the booster button and man the band hates when I jump to leads on that booster and I can't blame them, that volume jump is also WAY to hot. Is there a solder mod I can do to level these out more? Love the amp but live on stage, a few options get nullified which seems pointless for the money.

Right now I play the music with crunch and do leads with the other third channel at a slightly louder volume but the problem is if we goto a heavier song, I can't get into it because the dirtier channel is my makeshift booster. Its just bleh I dunno. I don't want to to use pedals other the that extra blackstar one I bought. Ideas?

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