HT club 40 mk 2 classic: problems with fs14. Bad amp batch?

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Thu Nov 29, 2018 5:07 pm

Hi there,

A few weeks ago, I purchased a brand new ht club 40 special edition, the one in tolexe blonde. At the same time, I bought an FS14 footswitch. Upon trying it out, the switch didn’t work; there wasn’t any LED illumination on the switch or anything (note the two way switch that came with the amp works fine).

I took the switch into the store where I bought the amp and they tried it with a non classic version of the same amp and it worked fine. So they ordered a brand new replacement amp for me, again the classic. Arrived. Tried it out. Exactly the same issue.

Spoke to blackstar technical support and they recommended I take the amp into the store together with the switch so that i could try it out in the store. I did that, and still, nothing. The sales guy was as baffled as me.

We then thought perhaps it was a dodgy fs14 even though it worked with one of their other amps in store. So they ordered me a replacement fs14. Tried it out. Still doesn’t work.

So this seems to be an issue with the special edition blonde version of this amp. I’ve either been extremely unlucky and two brand new amps have exactly the same fault or, more likely I think, there is a problem with the whole batch at the blackstar distribution center?

Can anyone help or suggest a good course of action?

Thanks in advance. I love the sound of the amp and its look and would love to get the fs14 working with it!


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