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Sun Feb 12, 2017 10:21 pm

Hey folks,

Looking to replace the speaker in my HT club-40 to really give it some bite. I like to play metal and hardcore so I would like an aggressively voiced speaker that doesn't sound bad on a clean channel. I've read that the G12T-75 is a good speaker for my needs but they were talking about combining two in a 4x12" with two V-30's, my amp is a 1x12" combo. Would this speaker choice limit my capabilities to play clean? Does it not give as good of a mix when not combined with the V-30's? All thoughts are appreciated and duly considered.


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Tue Feb 14, 2017 5:16 pm

I enjoy a tone similar to that of John Petrucci, and athough that tone is difficult to achieve without using lots very expensive gear, I have been Very satisfied using a Celestion V 30 in my Club 40. I also use a G Major effects processor in the effects loop for time based effects and the 3 band parametric eq which I have created multiple patches for both clean and crunch.
The G Major has a channel switching jack that links to the HT 40 channel switching jack using a TRS cable. This allows the HT 40 to switch channels with the particular G Major preset assignment. Utilizing the 3 band parametric eq offers unlimited tonal options for both the clean and dirty channels.

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