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HT20 Head reverb location

Posted: Wed Aug 31, 2016 6:57 pm
by James
I'm really liking the sounds I'm getting with my HT20 head and 1x12 cab. I'm using the head's distortion and where I like it is pushing it a bit so I'm getting some preamp hiss. I'm debating putting a noise suppressor in the effects loop to clean it up rather than having to adjust my volume when not playing while distorted.

My worry is that the decay/trails of the built in Reverb might get killed by a noise suppressor. Does anyone know if the reverb on the HT20 head is in the chain where an effects loop gate would kill it's decay/trails?

Re: HT20 Head reverb location

Posted: Thu Sep 01, 2016 2:49 am
by thephantum
When I used a noise suppressor, it had no impact on the decay of the reverb on my HT-20.

Re: HT20 Head reverb location

Posted: Fri Sep 09, 2016 3:14 pm
by James
Thanks for the reply! I sent an email to Blackstar and got a reply:

"The reverb is located after the effects loop, meaning that you can have full use of the effects loop without issue. Using a noise gate with this should allow you to apply reverb to the gated signal – opposed to gating a reverb-effected signal."