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Thu Jul 21, 2016 4:47 pm

I bought this amp brand new and have had it only a short time but I have figured some things out.

This amp comes equipped with a Celestion Vintage 30 16ohm speaker and "Ruby" tubes. From what I read of the Rubies they could be anything.

I found that the amp was missing a considerable amount of bottom end in stock guise when plugging the guitar (SG Standard) straight into the amp. I was anticipating that as others have noted this about it too.

Two simple remedies that people suggested were to replace the stock preamp tube and get a booster/equalizer pedal.

I have done both and OH MY GOD this thing is on fire now. The Ruby Tube is gone, replaced with a Tung Sol 12AX7. That added some bottom end and a serious amount of gain. Serious. Almost too much.

I also added a Boss GE7 in front of the amp. That definitely gave it the bottom end it needed. Sounds amazing now. Done and done. I imagine plugging into a good 4x12 will be heaven at this point.

I haven't tried the GE7 in the effects loop yet but it works great in front of the amp.

Now I'm finding that I need to tinker and dial in my sound. The Tung Sol and GE7 have added a lot of flexibility in how to set it up.

Interestingly, I find that the ISF dialed left (the US side) sounds like a Marshall (which I love) and dialed right (to the British side) cleans out the Marshall sound. Lol. At least it has the Marshall sound in there.

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